YouTube’s comments strategy, Kindle’s Mayday on K-TWIN



The Nerdery’s Ryan Carlson went on K-TWIN’s Cane & Co. to discuss space, the final frontier and the privatization thereof by SpaceX. The also chatted about YouTube’s new strategy governing online comments, and Amazon’s strategy of using real people for customer support via Mayday on their Kindle Fire.

Must-hear radio like this can be heard around 8 a.m. Monday mornings on K-TWIN (96.3 FM, Twin Cities). Or, hear our rebroadcast, here.


BooneOakley hacks YouTube

There’s a lot of good things about working around The Nerdery (free crack/energy drinks, four-legged vacuum cleaners, rad people, etc.), but my new favorite perk is learning about the population that lives in
agency world ecosystem.

From my naive vantage point, agencies fit into one of two silos: those that take themselves way too seriously, or those that have a goofy amount of fun with their job and push the interactive agency space into cool places. Guess which one I like working with?

Enter: BooneOakley.

On the scene since 2000, these guys just launched a YouTube site. No, I’m not saying that like “they’re on The Facebook.” They literally launched a YouTube site, powered by YouTube, and getting ALL traffic
redirected from

Here’s the real fun. It’s functional. Fully. Functional. Leveraging embeddable annotations, you can fully navigate through different parts of the site. And you should, especially the bios with the pooping dog.

These guys get it, have fun with their work, are pushing it ahead, and hopefully will return my phone calls. If there’s one thing nerds like, it’s partnering with agencies that get it, have fun, and do innovative

Dig it? Get up in their tweets, or leave them a YouTube message.

Matt Albiniak is a Sr. Account Nerd at Nerdery Interactive Labs. Learn more about him on the Periodic Table of Nerdery.