NerdCast #41: Nerdery Lab Experiment No.1 – Finding New Music With TasteMapper


This episode of the NerdCast features Andrew Golaszewski and Kevin Moot, two participants of the inaugural Nerdery Labs Program. They talk about their technology experiment that created data visualizations of the music listening habits of Last.FM users. Learn more about the Nerdery Lab Program, TasteMapper, and the challenges of working with large unstructured data sets and making sense of it all. If you’re a developer, a fan of music, or like hearing about cool applications of technology, this is the episode for you.

HostRyan Carlson

Guests: Kevin Moot, Software Developer & Andrew Golaszewski, Senior User Expereience Designer at The Nerdery

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MinneDemo round-up on KTWIN radio


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Nerdery Tech Evangelist Ryan Carlson recapped highlights from Minne*’s MinneDemo with K-TWIN’s Cane and Company, including a nod to TasteMapper, the first passion project to spring from The Nerdery Lab Grant Program, created by Kevin Moot and Andrew Golaszewski.