Life Without Social Media

There are few people who love interactive technology more than the people who actually spend their lives working in the field. Which is why what you’re about to read next may come as a shock…

I gave up social media for Lent.

It was less about religion and more about the realization that I have become a social media addict. It is very likely that you and I are in the same boat. Below are five steps to having your own epiphany: Continue reading Life Without Social Media

NerdCast #31: Reading The Digital Tea Leaves – An Analytics Discussion

Nerdcast Album Art In this episode of the NerdCast we talk with Matt Tonak, former Nerdery community manager turned interactive strategist at the company. Listen in on how analytics has been done in the past and what it’s like to be a professional reader of digital tea leaves. If you’re into tracking success or interested in The Nerdery’s digital journey into analytics this is a great discussion for you.

Host: Ryan Carlson

Guests: Matt Tonak, Interactive Strategist at The Nerdery

Got Project?

If you happen to have an interactive project yourself and you need help reading the digital tea leaves, our UX team are experts and mining data to help you make data-driven decisions.  Submit your project details.

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Facebook breaking change to launch October 1

Facebook’s recent changes have been all over the news and the Internet, and while most Facebook users won’t care about the change coming on October 1, it does effect those of us who develop Facebook Apps.

On Saturday Facebook is upgrading their SDK for PHP and JavaScript to use OAuth 2.0, a new and more secure version of the OAuth platform. This is also what’s called a “breaking” change. That means all existing Facebook applications using the previous 2.1 PHP SDK and JavaScript need to be upgraded to the PHP 3.1.1 SDK or your Facebook App will no longer work after October 1.

One of the big effects of this is upgrade is the change to how apps access Facebook user information, which means that all Canvas and Page tab apps must convert to process signed_request (fb_sig will be removed).

Two other things to note:

  • Apps that have been built using the Facebook PHP SDK 3.1.1 do not need to be changed.
  • Apps that are using the old JavaScript library for authentication need to modify their code.

If you’re need to get working on these changes before anything breaks you can follow the steps from Facebook to make the upgrade.