Summer 2011 Pentathanerd: Tile Tornado

On day 3, the Scrabble/Bananagrams nerds were up in a timed game of collective word making.

Mark Seemann from The Werd reports:
“Intense wordplay was at the center of the first attempt at the new game Tile Tornado. Two players per team in five minute rounds with three teams grabbed tiles to make three-letter or longer words. With each player having only one tile, teams needed to co-operate to make words. Longer words earned bonus points per tile – four-letter words earned one extra point per tile, and file-letter words earned three bonus points.

The first round had the InterNerds facing She! and Teh Awsumbs. After a painful wait while tiles were counted, Teh Awsumbs emerged with a one-point lead on She! with the Interns woefully behind. The second round had The Whom? up against Effortless and Nausea. With massive points in bigger words, Effortless walked away with a comfortable lead: 85 points. The Whom? struggled with game logistics, and chose to be part of the final round with Revenge of the InterNerds and Teh Awsumbs (who filled in pro-bono – earning no points). In the last round, The Whom? were able to better their score, averaged between the two rounds they played, and Revenge were able to put up a significant score, winning 13 points alone for a Q played on a five letter word.

Revenge fell only two points out from Effortless’ lead, placing second, with Teh Awsumbs holding on to a narrow third place with 76 points.

The overall standings after this event are:

3262 – Teh Awsumbs (event place: 3; event points: 1105)
3104 – The Whom? (6; 904)
3005 – Revenge (2; 1179)
2778 – InterNerds (7; 618)
2308 – Nausea (5; 914)
2294 – She! (4; 1094)
2060 – Effortless (1; 1200)”