Webinar: Front-End Standards at The Nerdery

When you’re writing code for user interfaces, it’s important to have clearly defined code standards. In this webinar, Senior Front-End Developers Brian Bell and Ted Flynn pull back the curtain on how The Nerdery’s Front-End Development Committee govern and evolve our internal standards. Brian and Ted walk through the basic benefits standards provide, how to communicate them and their take on whether tabs or spaces are the way to go.

They will also cover:

  • What front-end code standards are
  • Warning signs that your organization needs front-end code standards
  • Why The Nerdery decided to adopt code standards
  • How those standards are used day-to-day at The Nerdery
  • What you can do to implement organizational front-end standards

Webinar: Code Blue- A Crash Cart for At-Risk Projects

Lisa Mason, Director of Resourcing and Pre-Production, and Kurt Schmidt, Director of Project Management, know quite a bit when it comes to managing interactive projects. Still, unexpected things will happen. Using the script of medical procedural dramas as a backdrop, Lisa and Kurt walk through the challenges when a project looks to be heading for cardiac arrest.

Topics include:
  • How to diagnose that your project needs extraordinary measures
  • Easy ways to triage what it is that’s really ailing your project
  • The types of stakeholder reactions and how to manage them
  • Tools you can use – and the changes you can make – to get your project out of urgent care and into normal day-to-day life
  • Real examples of critical situations from Nerdery Project Managers

Note: The Q&A audio recording was delayed and has been rescheduled for first part of next week, November 18th. A link will be added here to that podcast episode.

Nerdery Webinar: Content Strategy Without a Content Strategist

Principal UX Designer and content strategy expert Meghan Casey pulls back the curtain on content strategy, detailing what needs to be done – and why – as you prepare for your next project.

You will learn:
• What content strategy is (and what it isn’t)
• Different types of content strategy engagements
• When content strategy should happen on a project
• The symptoms of not having a content strategy
• The Nerdery’s content strategy checklist

Nerdery Webinar: Discover How Your Business Can Benefit From WordPress

Why Big Businesses Are Turning To WordPress
If you’ve spent time working in midsize-to-large companies, you’ve no doubt experienced challenges when trying to launch an interactive initiative. In response, Fortune 500 businesses have been turning to WordPress as a flexible, low-cost solution.

In our webinar, Nerdery WordPress Experts Sherman Bausch and Thomas McMahon discuss the benefits of WordPress for individuals and teams within big businesses.

They will cover:
• Why WordPress shines on quick-turnaround projects
• WordPress’s strengths as a group-collaboration tool
• Examples of how large corporations are overcoming technology hurdles with WordPress
• Tips on how to plan and execute your own WordPress initiative