The Nerdery ranks #9 on Business Journal’s Fast 50 List

For the fifth year in a row we’ve made The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Fast 50 list, this year coming in at number nine. You can read all about the numbers, and how we’ve ranked for the past five years in the News Section. In the meantime I will leave you with this great quote from the Q&A with CEO Mike Derheim (which you can also read in the News Section).

Biz Journal: Compare your company to a superhero.
Mike Derheim: Our company is built around a collective of smart people and as such we’re less akin to a single superhero than we are to a group like The Avengers or The X-Men. Our real strength comes from the interplay and cooperation between the individual powers of the amazing team of Nerds that have assembled in an unassuming, mild-mannered office building in Bloomington, MN. Our mission is to actively seek out extraordinary people and empower as Nerds.

Life in the fast lane

Today the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal decided to check in with some of the companies they named to their Fast 50 list. If you don’t remember we were ranked #14. During the check up they asked seven companies three questions: What has been something great that has happened at your company in 2011? What has been the biggest challenge so far this year? Is there something new you tried that has allowed you to continue to thrive in this difficult economy?

If you’re a subscriber you can head right on over to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal to take a look at how the seven companies are doing.

How are we doing? Fabulous, I’m glad you asked. You can read all about it over in the News section.

And to whet your appetite, here’s one of the great things thing CEO Mike Derheim said happened 2011: The expansion of The Nerdery’s office, specifically the Luke J. Bucklin Nerditorium Hall.

“We also use the Nerditorium to hold our traditional Friday afternoon ‘Bottle Cap Talk,’ at which we celebrate weekly good deeds through staff shout-outs and see the debut of a recently-launched web project,” said Nerdery CEO Mike Derheim. “It’s like show-and-tell for nerds with a happy hour feel to kick-off the weekend.”

Sweet Sixteen

Yeah, we’re pretty pumped at being named #16 on the Business Journals’ Fast 50. Part of the honor will include being included in the Fast 50 Diary, where they take five businesses from the list of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the area, and follow them monthly for a year (you can see our profile here).

We’re so pumped, in fact, a few of the Nerds went out celebrating and sang a little bit of Journey.

Don't Stop Believing from DC_VIRUS on Vimeo.