Hello new iPhone, bye-bye Blackberry



Now that iPhone 5s is out, The Nerdery’s Ryan Carlson went on K-TWIN’s Cane & Co. to discuss the fuss of it all – and whether it’s worth waiting in line for.  Perhaps not coincidentally, they also discussed the well-underway Blackberry deathwatch, and YouTube’s new offline-mode feature. Dear listeners, please note that Cane and Ryan only talk about their hair (looking admittedly great, respectively) just briefly at the beginning of the segment, and that Rena mostly let our hair heroes talk amongst themselves.

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Radio chatter on your next iPhone


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Tuesday tech-talkin’ with K-TWIN’s Cane & Co., The Nerdery’s Ryan Carlson compared Apples to Apples: iPhone 5s, 5c, and all iPhones who’ve come before them.

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NerdCast #43: iOS Developer Reaction to Apple’s New iPhone

NerdCast iOS

In this episode of the NerdCast we talk with two iOS developers here at The Nerdery about today’s announcements at Apple Headquarters, in which they announced two new iPhone models and gave some insights into the final build of iOS 7 that is being released on September 18th. Find out what this means for App development and what these new hardware specs can do for the next generation of Apps.

HostRyan Carlson

Guests: Jon Rexeisen & Jay Peyer, iOS Developers at The Nerdery

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