Facebook Like Gates Are Dead


Ever had an offer to get something for free if all you did was click ‘Like’ on the companies Facebook page? The gravy train for consumers that willingly traded their marketing information in exchange for free tacos and car washes are coming to an end. Continue reading Facebook Like Gates Are Dead

F8 dev conference news: We have a year to comply to Facebook changes

Facebook recently held their developer conference, F8, where they outlined a number of changes for how developers can build apps on their platform. This included changes to how developers ask for users’ data, a whole new login screen, and a few new features. Let’s examine the changes a bit more in depth and discuss how this could impact your site.

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Life Without Social Media

There are few people who love interactive technology more than the people who actually spend their lives working in the field. Which is why what you’re about to read next may come as a shock…

I gave up social media for Lent.

It was less about religion and more about the realization that I have become a social media addict. It is very likely that you and I are in the same boat. Below are five steps to having your own epiphany: Continue reading Life Without Social Media

Facebook, now w/less privacy



Nerdery Tech Evangalist Ryan Carlson and K-TWIN’s Cane & Co. talked about Facebook’s call on no longer allowing users to opt out from being searchable by name. They also discussed Halloween costume tips and a run-down of bright ideas overheard at MinneDemo.

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How to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

facebook-privacy-360There are quite a few things to check on Facebook to ensure your privacy settings are up to date. Facebook actually gives quite a bit of control to the user, however they can be hard to find. Here are some areas you should be reviewing.

Who are you sharing content with?

When you activate the status box, you’ll see a drop down to the left of the post button. This tells Facebook who they can share the post with.

  • If it’s set to Public, everyone is going to see it.
  • If it’s Friends, only your friends can see it, but not their friends.
  • Only Me is considered private. No one else will be able to see it.
  • Custom is my choice. In custom I can set it to be Friends of Friends so all my friends can see it, and if they like or comment on my status, their friends can also see it. In custom you can also share posts with specific friends or ensure certain people never see this status.

Under the presets you’ll see lists. Here you can choose to share your status with a specific list of people that you have setup. Continue reading How to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Do Hashtags Make Social Networks Better or Worse?

In June Facebook announced that they now support hashtags. If you don’t already have them, they are rolling out now and you should get them soon. #sweet

Facebook joins Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Google+ in supporting hashtags as a way of organizing and finding related content.

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Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is Rolling Out Now. Should You Be Worried or Excited?

Graph Search Alert

You’ve probably heard the news, or seen the Facebook alert, that Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is rolling out to all users this week.

Ryan Carlson, The Nerdery’s resident Tech Evangelist talked about Advanced Graph Search on K-TWIN Radio’s Cane and Company morning show (96.3 FM). Both myself and Ryan were asked to visit and discuss the privacy concerns about Advanced Graph Search with Randy Shaver of KARE 11 (one of the network news stations here in the twin cities). With all of this talk in the media the consensus is that Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search can be great, but you’ll probably want to double check your Facebook account to ensure your privacy settings are in order.

Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is a great way to connect you with others on Facebook, find information, and explore something new. Users can search by location, Likes, businesses, interests, or many other things. Results can also be refined by a number of different options based on what you search for making them even better. The idea behind Graph Search is great, but there is a big concern over privacy. Continue reading Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is Rolling Out Now. Should You Be Worried or Excited?

Ready for roll-out: Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search


KTWIN Logo 96.3Nerdery Tech Evangelist Ryan Carlson talks with K-TWIN’s Cane and Company about Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search. As members of The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program, our devs have already had their advance sneak peak at this new search functionality, rolling out today for Facebook users –and making for another timely radio tech talk …. shshsh, let’s listen in.


Instagram and XBOX chatter on K-TWIN

kwin-studioKTWIN Logo 96.3K-TWIN’s Cane and Co grill Nerdery Tech Evangelist Ryan Carlson on Instagram’s moving pictures and Microsoft’s evolving DRM policy.


Taking a Spin with Facebook Home. It’s Pretty, but Lacking Features and a Security Concern.

I’ve spent the last few hours checking out Facebook Home and my initial impressions are that it’s a pretty cool app, but not something that I’d want permanently.


I only played with it for a short period of time, so my impressions are pretty introductory. The first 20 minutes are probably the hardest. As with anything new, there is a learning curve. Even though Facebook home is pretty simple, it’s going to take a little bit of time to figure it out. I think I liked and unliked quite a few status updates that I didn’t want to. However, once I figured it out, it was easy going. Continue reading Taking a Spin with Facebook Home. It’s Pretty, but Lacking Features and a Security Concern.