Tech Tuesday: Development for (and getting our Nerdery hands on) the Apple iPad

By now, you’ve read all about the Apple’s new tablet, the iPad. You’ve watched the videos. You’ve maybe giggled about the product name; let’s be honest though, the Nintendo Wii’s name hasn’t hurt its popularity. You’ve either dismissed it as a big iPod Touch that won’t go anywhere, or, you’ve already smashed your piggy bank and have money in hand. Regardless, Apple has a pretty good track record with their latest products (iPod, iTunes, iPhone) and we don’t want our ad and marketing agency partners to be the last ones to the party.

First, the iPad debut doesn’t mean that our agency partners should stop making iPhone applications. All iPhone applications will work on the iPad out of the box.

But how does the iPad affect our agency partners who have already created applications for iPhone and now also want to take advantage of the bigger screen of the iPad? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as hitting an Easy button (trust me, I have one) and magically all your applications are reformatted for the iPad. The user interface will have to be redesigned to support multiple resolutions. It’s also not just relaying out the design for the larger screen; it’s also understanding what the iPad is, and designing an amazing user interface to take advantage of the new user interface features.

When looking at creating a new iPad application, our agency partners really have two options: target just the iPad or target the iPhone and the iPad.  Targeting the only the iPad should have a similar development cycle and cost as developing an application just for the iPhone. If the choice is to target both devices, there will be some design layout changes, but the core of the application will stay the same. There will also be some additional time for our crack Quality Assurance team to make sure we release a great application.

If you don’t think the iPad is going anywhere, I present Steve Ballmer.

Then again, if you think Apple is infallible, I present the iPod Hi-Fi.

Either way, The Nerdery is ready to help you create great applications, no matter the platform.

Think Ink: Color Unleashed; an iPhone app created with And Partners

And Partners, a brand experience company in New York, had a cool idea for their client, Neenah Paper, Inc. They conceived and designed an iPhone app that lets users peruse color combinations to create palettes, shades and hues of their choice – and order paper samples.thinkink

When asked what he thought was cool about this project, The Nerdery’s Mike Woods got right to the point: “It’s a frickin’ iPhone app,” said the software development manager. “No, seriously, this app was amazing. We built some custom UI components, and built interface gateways to process orders and authenticate users. We also did some complex color calculations and other nerdery.”

Think Ink, a free iPhone application, helps users find colors using the Dewey Color System, the world’s only validated, color-based personality testing instrument. It scientifically predicts the recognized major psychometric personality factors without language – it’s practical application being a reliably quick reference tool for the correlated brand attributes of colors.

“During the creative process, the paper is often a decision that is left until the end,” said Woods. “This application was made to help a designer pick some simple coordinating colors for a given color and then offer recommended paper for the product to be printed on.”

And Partners was a great partner. They provided very detailed wireframes and workflow documents,” added Woods. “These made it very easy to communicate about features and organize the project development. And Partners was always willing to listen to our UI and iPhone Human Interface Guidelines feedback. It’s great to work with a partner that can give you amazing designs and is willing to collaborate with you during development.”

“It’s likewise great working with a team of dedicated, competent, professional developers and project managers who are constantly striving to make the best possible application. Michelle, Jon, Minh and Blago are all amazing people to work with.”

Color me impressed.