What Makes a Truly Successful Technology Partnership?

There is no greater project than one that ends on time and under budget. Stakeholders get what they asked for, in the timeframe requested and at the expected cost. There is no arguing that closing a project with those three boxes checked is the aim of any successful transactional relationship.

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Putting A New Coat of Paint on Paint Shopping

Nerds enjoy the pursuit of impactful outcomes. Valspar told us their business goal, but they counted on us to drive design decisions. Together, we’ll win the paint chip war.

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Overcoming Your Tech Biases

The range of available options when architecting the back-end of your web application can be simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. You tend to gravitate towards the solution you have used in the past, perhaps unaware of other viable options. The top players in back-end web application development include .NET, Java and PHP. But which one will be the best fit for your current project?

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What You Need to Know from Google I/O 2016

Google’s transition to a subsidiary of Alphabet added focus to this year’s I/O conference. In previous years, I/O keynotes had a tendency to ramble, and the product lineup was at best tangentially related. This year there were clear through lines to product announcements and the keynote moved along briskly, finishing in two hours.

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Playing Time is Earned in Practice

I’ve played soccer ever since I can remember. I love the camaraderie of a team, the exercise keeps me healthy, the strategy intrigues me and playing a sport gives me purpose and focus.

Wait, you’re not going to talk about how good you are?


Actually…I will. I’m not very good.
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Martian-Driven Development

If you’ve been in software development long enough, you’ve probably been on the dreaded “Death March,” the project where there is no viable path to success and the team’s mood is overwhelmed by a sense of impending failure. This is the kind of project that burns engineers out and always seems to end in a dissatisfied product owner, in spite of heroic efforts. When a project turns into a death march, nobody wins.

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Announcements from MS Build

In case you missed MS Build two weeks ago, here are some of the big announcements.

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Malware A to Z: Common Forms, Symptoms and Prevention Methods

Last weekend, what is believed to be the world’s first ransomware (a form of malware) attack against OS X machines was discovered in a Mac app called Transmission. The threat took many Mac users by surprise because up until now, malware has primarily affected Windows machines. The threat has been contained following more than 6,000 downloads, but experts are expecting to see an increase in malware attacks on Macs in the future. There’s no time to waste in being vigilant — we’re here to give you an A-to-Z (A-to-W, rather) refresher in forms of malware, common delivery methods, symptoms and prevention.
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The Ever-Changing Consumer Purchase Path

With the growth of the digital, social and mobile age, consumers are seeing more marketing messages than ever. They’re also empowered more than ever to inform themselves through online and word-of-mouth research prior to making purchases, often while using and transitioning between multiple devices. What does this mean for the buyer’s journey? Do consumers still follow a defined purchase path?
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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

Ah, the new year. Time for setting ambitious resolutions you may or may not keep, writing the wrong date on everything and reading through “Best of 2015” lists — including ours! On our blog last year we covered everything from
Nerd culture to tech tips to business strategy. Check out our ten most-read posts of 2015 below.

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