Overnight Web Challenge Founder Honored With Titans of Technology Award

This podcast was recorded just days before Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge founder Mark Hurlburt was to be honored by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal as a Titans of Technology Award recipient in the Community Hero category.

Whether you’re a Web Challenge vet or you know very little about this 24-hour community service initiative, you’ll learn something from this podcast about the history and evolution of The Nerdery’s pro bono endeavor. Since 2008, Web Challenge volunteers have freely given more than $5 million in professional web development services to 144 nonprofits in the Twin Cities, Chicago and Kansas City.

Not (yet) included in this recording is a voiceover by James Earl Jones saying, “Mark Hurlburt. Technology Titan. Community Hero” (hopefully coming soon, budget permitting). But if I could be serious for a moment I’d say that it’s been the greatest among many pleasures of my Nerdery career to work with Mark on the Overnight Website Challenge from the humble beginnings of his idea. Congrats for this well-deserved honor.


The ROI of Advocating for Accessibility and Quality Assurance Early and Often

A Podcast Discussion:

Bree and Adam are the keynote speakers for the 2014 QA Summit for Digital Marketing in Chicago on October 3rd.

There presentation will focus on how developing websites with the intent of making them accessible to people with disabilities is the right thing to do. But well beyond altruism, companies should understand the solid business case for accessibility.

Is there a business case for accessibility?

There are developers, designers, and quality assurance engineers who are passionate about how the Internet can help make the world a better place for everybody. But in order to make the Internet truly for everybody, web developers and app designers need to take into account the 60 million disabled users in the U.S. who cannot access many websites without issue due to visual, cognitive, or motor impairments. Websites fail to meet accessibility standards due to lack of planning, knowledge or awareness.  Continue reading The ROI of Advocating for Accessibility and Quality Assurance Early and Often


Tech That Makes Social Media Less of a Guessing Game

A Podcast Discussion

How has social media tech made life easier for a Community Manager?

With the growth in social media tools, there is a proportionate amount of noise within the networks. It’s almost necessary to leverage the tools now available to filter, combine, and collate the vast amounts of communication on the social sphere. We have a fruitful discussion around communities and groups within the social sphere and how they are a direct response to the amount of seemingly random conversations happening around the clock.

Continue reading Tech That Makes Social Media Less of a Guessing Game


How Swift Impacts Today’s iOS Development Projects


A Nerdery Podcast: [Playtime 19:08]

Host: Ryan Carlson, Tech Evangelist

Guests: iOS Developers; Ben Dolmar and Jon Rexeisen

The impact of Apple’s new iOS development language on future app development and timelines.

Companies that sell, develop, manage, or own iOS apps have been left wondering about some of the developer-focused announcements at Apple’s annual developer conference. We’ve been getting inquires about whether the new Swift development language for iOS will impact projects in-flight – also including projects with an anticipated release date of within the following year.

In this podcast we have iOS Developers Jon Rexeisen and Ben Dolmar lend their expertise to demystify some of the confusion around Swift and the future of the current mature development language Objective-C. Do we have to worry about things breaking when developers start using Swift? Continue reading How Swift Impacts Today’s iOS Development Projects


Why Good Interactive Ideas Still Fail – How To Create a Minimum Viable Product

If you’ve ever built software for yourself or for others there is a temptation to try and fit every good feature into the initial release of your website, game, or app. Since every project is constrained by timelines, stakeholders, budgets, and the demands of users, it becomes a delicate balancing act to keep the project on course. Continue reading Why Good Interactive Ideas Still Fail – How To Create a Minimum Viable Product


Career Reincarnations of the Original Solutions Engineer – A Podcast Interview with Ryan Kucera

In this podcast we interview Ryan Kucera (aka. “the original Ryan” or “Ryan 1.0”) who was part of the original crew of intrepid developers on-board the USS Sierra Bravo (now known as The Nerdery). He talks about the many reincarnations in his career at The Nerdery and what it’s been like to see everything change as demand for their services grew. Kucera shares some insights about what we’ve learned as a growing software development company. Both in regards to effectively estimating complicated projects and managing all of the business data that we generate over the lifespan of the company. Below are some of the takeaways from this discussion.

Continue reading Career Reincarnations of the Original Solutions Engineer – A Podcast Interview with Ryan Kucera


Developing PHP Developers: The Many Special Talents of Jansen Price

We are joined this week by Jansen Price, a Principal Software Engineer (big kahuna of PHP) from The Nerdery. He shares a unique perspective on how we handle ongoing education and facilitate growth as developer. He talks about the book he is writing about learning object-oriented languages and what it takes to learn new things.

Easter Egg: The intro and outro music is performed by Jansen and his mad beat boxing skills.

Episode: #94

Host: Ryan Carlson

Guests: Jansen Price – Principal Software Engineer (PHP)

Listen Now: Running Time: 0:21:43 / Subscribe on iTunes


Maintaining Your Software For The Long Haul

In our webinar on maintaining software maintenance we discuss the importance of having a plan. Part of this plan is identifying and addressing the root causes of an observation, not just treating the symptoms. So, taking our own advice, we address the typical root causes of needing software maintenance. We specifically call out how we all make decisions in software development that will have an impact on the short-term and long-term lifespan of the project. This is how we define technical debt. Tune in to the webinar for a great conversation that can give you the context to better understand long-term support of a project.

View the Slides of this webinar on our SlideShare Page

Listen to the Q&A audio recording below:

(Running time: 13:15)


NerdCast #93: Developer Download Symfony Edition

Today on the Developer Download we are talking about the web framework Symfony. It’s a popular tool here at The Nerdery; in fact, it’s our go-to framework for custom PHP projects. Listen in as we talk with 3 Nerdery Symfony experts, covering what Symfony is, what it isn’t, news, libraries and more.

Host: Andrew Watson

Guests: Jansen Price, Matt Janssen, Doug Linsmeyer

Listen Now: Running Time: 0:26:52 / Subscribe on iTunes


Making a living making games: Nerdery alum Kris Szafranski launches Thoughtshelter Games

Thoughtshelter.logoKris Szafranski returned to his old stomping grounds to tell us what he’s been up to since leaving his pretty-good gig here to fully pursue a passion project. For years, Kris had ideas for a game he would come to call A Druid’s Duel, and this idea would ultimately require his full attention – and pool together the many skills and roles he played and acquired throughout his Nerdery career as a developer, designer, project manager and VP of software development. Nerdcast host Ryan Carlson chats with the founder of Thoughtshelter Games about his leap of faith and supportable Kickstarter campaign to take it further.