Chrome Cube Lab marks Rubik’s@40 – and today’s Google doodle

RubiksIn an awesome act of creative collaboration (and a lot of sweat), The Nerdery helped Google this morning to launch Chrome Cube Lab to honor the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube (see today’s timely Google doodle). Originally created by Ernő Rubik, the Rubik’s Cube is a logic puzzle that has been a favorite of engineers and mathematical types since its debut.

Written in Google Go, Chrome Cube Lab provides a showcase for a fantastic rebuild of this puzzle inside of the web browser.  It leverages JavaScript, CSS3 and a whole host of awesome technologies to provide a real-time interactive spinning cube. Even cooler? It’s open to spin-offs and new interpretations of the cube.

The real point of Chrome Cube Lab – besides showing off the JavaScript implementation of the cube – is to open-up the code behind it to the world and allow users to experiment with creating new spin-offs of the cube.

As part of the collaborative effort between Google and The Nerdery to build this project, Ryan Deluca built-out a Typographic Cube that allows users to input their own desired message to be scrawled across the cube. Once the user has put in their message, they can scramble the cube up and share it to friends with the built-in social sharing features!

Our project went live this morning and is not only a cool-looking project but an amazing showcase of what modern browsers – both on the desktop and mobile – are capable of. Check it out now at!

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Jordan Norlen

Jordan Norlen

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