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Fred Beecher, Nerdery UX Designer, wants and deserves your vote to speak at SXSW. Fred’s running two (totally clean) campaigns, for two different but similar/supportable talks:

Candidate qualifications: Fred pioneered The Nerdery’s UX Apprenticeship program. He made the business case for it and had the wherewithal to see it through, with course-corrections along the way. Here is where Fred said what he’d do, and here is where you’ll see he did what he said he’d do. Vote-worthy accountability? You bet it is. So send this man to SXSW. Give him the trip to Austin that he so richly deserves.

With the first UX Apprenticeship cohort in the books, three of our four apprentices were hired while the fourth heads back to school, with a job waiting right back here with us upon graduation. But all four apprentices are ready to be UX Designers today, after their 12-week apprenticeship. And we’re ready to begin with our next cohort.

And you, by now, are surely ready to vote Fred, here and here, by the voting deadline of Sept. 6. Can’t decide which of Fred’s talks to vote for? Easy. Both. Two thumbs up. Vote Fred, early and often.

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