Nerdery Webinar: Discover How Your Business Can Benefit From WordPress

Why Big Businesses Are Turning To WordPress
If you’ve spent time working in midsize-to-large companies, you’ve no doubt experienced challenges when trying to launch an interactive initiative. In response, Fortune 500 businesses have been turning to WordPress as a flexible, low-cost solution.

In our webinar, Nerdery WordPress Experts Sherman Bausch and Thomas McMahon discuss the benefits of WordPress for individuals and teams within big businesses.

They will cover:
• Why WordPress shines on quick-turnaround projects
• WordPress’s strengths as a group-collaboration tool
• Examples of how large corporations are overcoming technology hurdles with WordPress
• Tips on how to plan and execute your own WordPress initiative

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Ryan Carlson

Ryan Carlson

Ryan is a veteran of electronics manufacturing, custom software development, promotional marketing and is a thought leader in the customer loyalty software industry. Joining The Nerdery in 2012 as a Solutions Engineer, Ryan brings his knowledge and technical expertise to The Nerdery’s marketing department as the resident Technology Evangelist. Ryan is the host of The Nerdery’s weekly podcast, editor of the Nerdery Blog, regular speaker, and is a contributing author for and

One thought on “Nerdery Webinar: Discover How Your Business Can Benefit From WordPress”

  1. I was taking notes of all the recommended plugins and this is what I wrote:

    Advanced Custom Fields
    Contact Form 7
    Relevancy (is this maybe Relevanssi?)
    WP Ultimate CSV Importer
    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin
    SEO by Yoast
    Register plus Redo (which is really Register Plus Redux)
    WP Super Cache (overkilll for smaller sites)

    Thanks for sharing, nerds!

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