Week In Review: Nerdery Tech Content For August 5th – 9th

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K-Twin Segment
UX Apprenticeship Article
WFH (Work From Home) NerdCast Recording
NerdCast Interview with Nick Le Guillou

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I’m Ryan Carlson the Technology Evangelist here at The Nerdery. This week we kick things off as we do each week with our regular tech segment on local radio station K-TWIN. We talk about how the tech community was in a buzz over speculation of what exactly did the NSA contribute to the Android code base. We wrap up the segment discussing Motorola Mobile’s hail-mary pass with the Moto X, the latest smartphone by Motorola and heavily influenced by their new company overlords at Google. Hear what makes this phone unique and how it takes a new look on the mobile market.


If you want to catch our weekly tech segments live in the Twin Cities, tune into 96.3 FM at 7:45 am every Monday morning.

Did you know that The Nerdery has it’s very own team of UX apprentices and they are under the tutelage of the Nerdery’s very own UX Sensei Fred Beecher?

This week on the blog, Leah Honsey, one of the first UX apprentices, writes a first-hand account of her first impressions and early experiences in this first-of-it’s kind experiment. Tune in next week for part two of this story.


This week we had not one, but two NerdCasts – The Nerdery’s very own weekly podcast that is featured both on the blog and available on iTunes.

Our first episode is all about working from home. We interview WFH Nerds Ben Koren and Shane Smith. Hear about their tips, tricks, and struggles of being away from an office that prides itself so heavily on a fun and collaborative office culture.


Last week we promised an interview Nerdery Developer Nick Le Guillou, the team lead on the Sparticl project. We hear about what he had to say to the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians at an event held at The Science Museum of Minnesota. Hear more about Sparticl and how the wisdom of Wil Wheaton event played into it.


We are excited to announce this month’s Nerdery Webinar topics.

The first will be about how to get top notch responses to your next request for proposal document. Check the nerdery.com homepage banner to save your spot on August 20th.

The second topic is all about demystifying Big Data and what it means, how it applies to normal business, and it’s real world applications. This will be live on August 27th.

If you have Nerdery Webinar topics you’d like to hear about, send that feedback to webinars@nerdery.com

I’m Ryan Carlson and This has been Week In Review for Nerdery Tech Content. Tune in next week, subscribe on YouTube, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @the_nerdery

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Ryan Carlson

Ryan is a veteran of electronics manufacturing, custom software development, promotional marketing and is a thought leader in the customer loyalty software industry. Joining The Nerdery in 2012 as a Solutions Engineer, Ryan brings his knowledge and technical expertise to The Nerdery’s marketing department as the resident Technology Evangelist. Ryan is the host of The Nerdery’s weekly podcast, editor of the Nerdery Blog, regular speaker, and is a contributing author for Wired.com and GeekDad.com.

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