Popular Recommendations Service Outbrain Was Hacked – Check Your Settings

outbrain1The popular content recommendation service Outbrain (outbrain.com) was hacked this morning, affecting sites as large as the Washington Post as well as sites on the WordPress VIP Hosting Service. If your site uses Outbrain, please take a moment to disable the service until the “All Clear” has been given from the vendor.

Outbrain is a service that provides websites with related content from across the web via a Javascript implementation. The service indexes your site and provides links via a script loads from outbrain.com. This morning’s hack allowed links provided by Outbrain to redirect to an offshore website.

Again, if a site you own or manage was affected by this hack, simply removing the service will resolve the issue. WordPress core files and services have not been effected.

Since the hack was first discovered this morning, the folks at Outbrain have addressed the system problem and are working to bring everything back online. You can check their twitter feed for the very latest updates.

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