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Tech Talk: An Overview of The Symfony 2 PHP Framework

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In this PHP tech talk, The Nerdery’s Maxwell Vandervelde will discuss how to get started learning the PHP Framework Symfony2. The presentation is not a how-to on learning how to build a Symfony2 application from the ground up. Rather, the presentation is a high level overview of the framework. It focuses on the internals and environment of the framework that your code will interact with along with the principles that went into its creation. The intent is that hopefully by doing this we can eliminate some of the initial frustrations that occur when any developer tries to learn something new. The goal here is to prepare and align developers of varying backgrounds and ready them to begin the process of learning the framework.

In the presentation, we’ll be discussing many things in the Symfony2 foundation components and how they interact. We’ll be Discussing the role of MVC in the framework. We’ll talk about the way the framework leverages controllers and view templating engines. Finally we’ll get into some more complex topics such as the complexities of Symfony2’s application security component and the internal structure of forms.

This tech talk was hosted at The Nerdery for the Minnesota PHP User Group. The group hosts tech talks and discussions on a monthly basis for the local PHP community.

Symfony2 Presentation Slides

The slides used for this presentation are available to view here

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Maxwell Vandervelde

Maxwell Vandervelde

Maxwell Vandervelde, Developer Maxwell Vandervelde has been creating websites since 2001 and hasn’t stopped obsessing about them since. Starting his development career at Parametric Technology Corporation, Maxwell worked as a part of a tools and integration team where he learned the development tools used for managing massive application development. Joining The Nerdery in 2012 as a Developer, Maxwell has spoken multiple times at the Minnesota PHP User Group and is skilled in PHP, Zend, Symfony2 and Java/Android.

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