Band Aid – Pollywog Stew Challenges You

When volunteer/team registration opened for the next Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, Pollywog Stew wasted little time and few words in firing a first shot that echoed around the world: “The star-studded legends of web development – Pollywog Stew will rock your face off with the passion of one thousand Steve Balmer speeches.”

If you’re just now for the first time reading Pollywog’s opening statement, please count to ten, nice and calm…So, how does your face feel after that? Rocked off, completely. Now, you can either just sit there and take it or you can rise up, right now, and accept the capital “C” Challenge. Build your Dream Team and tell the world what’s what. Spam your user group, post on your blog and shout it out loud to your friends, rivals and friendly rivals.

It has been said that while The Velvet Underground’s first album was a commercial flop, everyone who bought it started a band.

Put the band together.

Do it here.

Do it now.

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Mark Malmberg

Mark Malmberg

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