Is owning your own words important?

Found via Waxy, this discussion about whether or not it’s important to own your own words online is thought-provoking and smart.

The discussion features Gina Trapani, Paul Ford, Matthew Ingram, and a few more. It’s interesting because not only do they discuss the difference between how growing up with the social web versus being a grown up when the social web became popular and how that effects your point of view, but also your words being ‘used’ as a product, and the worries about creating a lasting archive.

Really good stuff here, including this from Anil Dash:
“I don’t presume that my work is particularly important or worth preserving, but we lose a great deal of cultural documentation when our default bias is towards disposability. There are lots of people who *are* creating important parts of culture, but are doing so on platforms that default towards throwing our creations away. This becomes particularly acute when we realize that folks like MG, who’ve been *paid* to create these works, can’t even count on their works living on.”