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Why Good Interactive Ideas Still Fail – How To Create a Minimum Viable Product

If you’ve ever built software for yourself or for others there is a temptation to try and fit every good feature into the initial release of your website, game, or app. Since every project is constrained by timelines, stakeholders, budgets, and the demands of users, it becomes a delicate balancing act to keep the project on course. Read more


The Evolving Technology of Social Media

This webinar explores the technology behind the tools businesses and community managers are integrating into their software platforms. This is not a discussion about which key words resonate best with an audience or optimal word counts. Nerdery developers and social media integration specialists Thomas McMahon and Doug Linsmeyer  describe the software options typically leveraged on social media software integrations. Our audience gave feedback that anybody could follow this conversation, regardless of their technical level. Social media consultants, account managers, and anybody seeking an understanding of the tools and technology going into today’s social media integrations will find this discussion useful.

Slide Deck: To view the slide deck you can visit our Slideshare page.

Bonus Q&A Podcast: (running time 9:22)

Our panel of experts follow-up with three of the  interesting questions from our live audience that we didn’t have time to address during the webinar:

  • Are location-aware tools like FourSquare still worth considering?
  • Possible technology solutions to promote a mobile business.
  • The different social platforms and how they differentiate, and more.

NerdCast #84: Webinar Q&A – Testing Your User Experience for Usability

We get to rejoin our webinar panelists to discuss the top Q&A questions we didn’t have time to cover during the live event all about usability testing. We cover quality versus quantity, return on investment discussions, and get into some great nuts and bolts discussions around methodologies and example types of tests.

Catch the webinar on usability testing (running time 1 hour)

Host: Ryan Carlson (Tech Evangelist)

Guests: Christopher Stephan (UX) and Dave Jones (UX), and David Rosen (University of MN Usability Lab)

Listen Now: Running Time: 0:27:13 / Subscribe on iTunes

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Webinar: Planning For Responsive Design

What you should know when considering responsive design

Since exploding in popularity a few years ago, responsive web design best practices have changed along with mobile devices and user habits. Senior Front-End Developer Anthony Lukes and Business Analyst Erica Tava explain how you can plan for a responsive design project in 2014 and beyond.

We will cover:

  • The difference between responsive and adaptive design
  • How to identify when a responsive solution isn’t the best solution
  • How we approach responsive design today compared to 2012
  • What to expect when budgeting for responsive
  • What you can do to make your responsive project a success

Listen to the follow-up Question & Answers Podcast. It addresses the questions we couldn’t address during the live event due to time or because we wanted to devote more time to the answer that we had during the live event.

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NerdCast #77: Webinar Q&A – Planning for Responsive Design

In this episode we are bringing our illustrious panelists back from our recent webinar on responsive design. Anthony Lukes and Erica Tava tackle more of our live audiences questions about how to plan for responsive, and more importantly, how it fits into the myriad sea of design options to capture mobile users and their countless devices. These are the questions we didn’t have time to answer or required a longer answer than we had time to give during the live event.

Check out the recording of the webinar event if your interested by this topic.

Host: Ryan Carlson – Tech Evangelist

Guests: Anthony Lukes (Senior Front-End Developer) and Erica Tava (Business Analyst)

Listen Now: Running Time: 0:34:06 / Subscribe on iTunes

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NerdCast #74: Webinar Q&A – Debugging the Benefits of Quality Assurance

2014.01-NerdCast-Matthew-Erickson-Justin-HolmanWe get to address all of the great questions we had during the webinar all about Quality Assurance, custom engagements, dealing with documentation, and typical timelines. This discussion is going to be applicable for anybody whether you attended the webinar or not. Although be warned, thar be dragons – we do reference content from the webinar that might be helpful. We are joined again by Matthew Erickson and Justin Holman two veterans of The Nerdery QA department.

If you missed the webinar, check out the full recording.

Host: Ryan Carlson – Tech Evangelist

Guests: Matthew Erickson (QA Operations Manager), and Justin Holman (QA Controller)

Listen Now: Running Time: 0:36:35 / Subscribe on iTunes

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Webinar: Debugging the Benefits of Quality Assurance

A cohesive quality assurance (QA) plan helps maintain a project’s timeline and budget, yet it is a widely misunderstood practice in the interactive industry. To shed light on the importance of professional QA services, Quality Assurance Operations Manager Matthew Erickson and QA Controller Justin Holman examine why QA is frequently dismissed as a secondary skillset or unnecessary cost.

Topics include:

  • The common misconceptions of QA, both inside and outside the tech industry
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different types of QA engagements
  • The Nerdery’s internal QA process
  • Services and specializations within QA, such as security or accessibility testing
  • Red flags to look for when examining a vendor’s QA capabilities

Did you want to hear the rest of the conversation? Our follow-up Q&A session is now available

Listen to the 35 minute Q&A Podcast (also available on iTunes)

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Nerdery Webinar: Why You Need To Be Thinking About Web Accessibility

Nerdery Developer Aaron Cannon is not only a talented developer and an expert in web accessibility, he is also blind. In our upcoming webinar, Aaron shares his unique perspective as both a user and creator of accessible websites. We are also joined by Bree Compton, a QA accessibility engineer here at The Nerdery to share her experience with testing and accessibility audits.

We will cover:
  • What web accessibility is and who it affects
  • How it can impact a business financially and legally (keeping in mind we’re developers, not lawyers)
  • Steps you can take to improve your site’s accessibility
  • What an accessibility evaluation looks like
  • Things to look for when engaging an accessibility expert

Questions & Answers:

After each webinar we take all of the questions sent in by live participants that we couldn’t answer during the live recording. Check out our podcast recording with our webinar panelists to dig deeper into the technical questions our listeners had; insightful commentary on the future of accessibility, and more.

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NerdCast #47: Nerdery Webinar Q&A – Content Strategy Without a Content Strategist


In this episode of the NerdCast we invite Meghan Casey and Frost Simula back into the studio to go over the questions that we didn’t have a chance to address during our live webinar. We take the next 20 minutes to continue our conversation about content strategy. We take a deeper look into some topics and talk about some of the procedural aspects and challenges of managing the overall content conversation within an organization.

Watch their webinar on Content Strategy.

HostRyan Carlson

Guests: Meghan Casey, Principle UX Designer & Frost Simula, Front-End Developer at The Nerdery

Want to talk about renting our brains to help with your content strategy for your next digital project? Contact us and we can take a peek and give you an idea where you sit.

Listen Now:
Running Time: 0:22:31 / Subscribe on iTunes

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Nerdery Webinar: Big Data 101 – Going Beyond the Buzz

When business and technology meet, trendy buzzwords are sure to follow. One of today’s popular buzzwords, big data, means little to most people. Yet, big data can be a useful resource for your business to gain a competitive advantage – if you know how to use it. Nerdery Developers Kevin Moot and Chris Black explain exactly what big data is and how you can take advantage of this new form of business intelligence.

You will learn:
• What big data is and how it’s collected
• What kind of data can be used and where you can get your own
• How companies are using big data via real-life examples
• How you can make big data work for you

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