71% of tweets ignored

Let’s add this to the stat-that-will-be-bandied-about-all-day file (or we can also call it the Wired article that launched a thousand self-righteous posts from social media experts). According to Wired who is reporting on a study from a social analytics firm:

  • 71% of tweets get no response
  • 6% of tweets are retweeted (and 92% of that happens within the first hour)
  • 23% of tweets are @ replied

Is measuring retweets and replies an accurate measurement of engagement? I’d wager there are millions of tweets with links that get clicked or that are read without any actual response from the clicker/reader. That’s hardly ignored, right?

A company after our own heart

If you’ve spent more than 34 seconds on The Nerdery’s website, you know we’re fans of stats. If this is your first 16 second here I’ll just let you know that if you surf around our site you can find out how many hours we’ve worked since 2003, how many miles nerds travelled last month, and how many cases of Ramen we consumed last month.

So now you can understand when I spied the piece about Panic’s Status Board over on Lifehacker my first reaction was “Holy crap, that’s awesome.”

And it is:

You can get the details about the board and how effective it’s been over at Panic’s blog.