Curiosity Landing Turns Everyone into a Space Nerd

Really, what else there to say today except Mars, Mars, Mars, Mars, MARS!

Also, nice work Oreo.

[Tech Talk] “Grounded” by Jamey Erickson


Jamey Erickson from Sevnthsin stopped by last week to talk about the exploration of space and  a high flying project he and some friends – including Nerdery Nerd John Heimkes – are working on to send a rocket into space. Above is a video of his talk. You can find more information about his project on

The evolution of space suits

With today’s launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour we only have on more launch before NASA “embarks on something new.” What’s that new thing? I don’t know.

What I do know is that National Geographic has a pretty rad slideshow depicting depicting the evolution of space suits. It’s worth a look only to see how some astronauts went into space clad in outfits that look like glorified Capri Sun packaging.

Speaking of outer space and exploration, you can still take part in Sevnthsin’s BESPIN project.

Finally, Stefanie Gordon snapped this pretty cool picture of the launch from her plane.