The Sloppiest Sci-Fi Movie Science Violations Of 2012

Popular Science has a delicious list of nerdery regarding sloppy science in Sci-Fi movies. Calling out movies like “Looper,” “Skyfall,” and “The Avengers” they rank the violations from mild to maddening. It’s a fun little list they got there.

10 vestigial traits you didn’t know you had

Put this iO9 post on 10 vestigial traits right into the “more you know” category (warning: beware if pictures of eyes and pulled teeth gross you out, this might not be a list for the weak-stomached or evolution disbelievers). Some of the traits are pretty obviously vestigial and common knowledge. Right, we all know there’s no reason for your appendix and wisdom teeth right? But I was shocked, shocked I say, to learn that your sinuses don’t seem to be doing much of anything besides swelling up and being painful come allergy season. Hmph!