Here there be animated unicorns flying through space

This is just a hint of what you’ll find over at the Minneapolis Egoist. The urge to steal their thunder is unbearable. But since they were kind enough to post a sneak peak of our awesome ad soon to be running in City Pages, we figure it’d be much kinder to link you over there to take a look. When you’re done, come back here and apply for an awesome job.

Back when propellerheads built Internet Web Sites.

While scrolling through this gallery of 85 vintage computer ads. I wasn’t struck by the odd celebrity endorsements (who decided wrestler King Kong Bundy, Bill Cosy, or Dom Deluise appealed to computer users?), as much as the jargon on this ad. Propellerhead? It took me much longer than I care to admit to make the connection to those old beanies. We can all agree that nerd sounds much better than propellerhead, right?

The New Hacker’s Dictionary confirms that indeed, hackers were sometimes called propellerheads. Who knew?