Did blowing in Nintendo cartridges really help?

“When things went wrong inside your NES, the problem was usually a bad connection between the cartridge and its slot. That could be due to tarnishing, corrosion, crud in various places, weak pins in the slot, or other issues. The symptoms of a bad connection could include the game not starting at all, the console showing a blinking light, or the game starting up with garbage all over the screen. . . To combat these problems, in the mid-1980s my friends and I somehow learned this secret: if we took out the cartridge, blew in it, and reinserted it, it worked. And if it didn’t work the first time, it eventually worked, on the second or fifth or tenth time. But looking back on it, I wondered: did that blowing actually help? And if it did…why?”

The folks over at Mental Floss have investigated the age-old question does blowing in Nintendo cartridges really help?. Anecdotal evidence from anyone who has tried this trick would point to yes. You’ll have to head over to Mental Floss to see what their experts had to say about the issue.