Books for the baby nerd in your life

Forever Geek has been all over the completely cool baby books for nerds in the making lately. First they told us about the The ABCs of Geekdom, which is an adorably illustrated alphabet book.

And then there’s this totally great beyond words Star Trek Quiet Book (a quiet book, I learned, is a book you give your when you want them to be quietly occupied in public, genius).

It’s International Nerd Pride Day!

Every year it just sneaks up on me, probably because every day is Nerd Pride day at The Nerdery. I can’t believe it’s Nerd Pride Day already! Yes, this is the day to let your geek/nerd/freak flag fly in honor of the 34th Anniversary of the release of StarWars.

So how will you celebrate? Eat some Ramen? Give your glasses a good polishing? It’s also Towel Day so maybe you will celebrate by partaking in some Douglas Adams. If you’re of the book nerd bent you can check out this list of Ultimate Nerd Fiction on Amazon (though I have to say the omission of Microserfs or JPod by Douglas Coupland is an egregious oversight).

You like stats? Over at Nerd Approved there’s an interesting survey on geek(nerd)dom that includes this stat: “Putting high school stereotypes to rest, Modis’ survey found that nearly twice as many people would prefer to be called a geek (41%) rather than a jock (22%).” Nice.

While tooling around the Internet looking for other Nerd Pride Celebrations, I spotted The ten sexiest fictional nerds (you can find the 206 sexiest non-fictional nerds right here). If you like your nerds animated, I caught the 11 biggest nerd heroes to have appeared on The Simpsons.

Happy Nerd Pride Day! May you get to indulge in your favorite nerdy activity without any teasing whatsoever.

Happy Nerd Pride Day

That’s right, May 25th is Nerd Pride Day. Make sure to hug your favorite nerd, and maybe give him or her a cookie.

35 best fictional nerds, in honor of Nerd Pride Day

As you know, yesterday was International Nerd Pride Day. Unfortunately, this year Nerd Pride Day was usurped here in the US by Memorial Day. At The Nerdery, we’re okay with that, because everyday is nerd pride day here. But in the interest of education and spreading the pride to those who don’t get to inhabit this building, we’re presenting you with a list of our favorite (and therefore the best, right?) fictional nerds.


In no particular order:

  1. Doc Brown, “Back to The Future
  2. Sylar, “Heroes
  3. Hiro Protagonist, Snow Crash
  4. Underdog
  5. Tony Stark
  6. Chris Knight, “Real Genius
  7. Mouse, “The Matrix”
  8. Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye
  9. Donatello
  10. Data, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
  11. Scotty, “Star Trek”
  12. Wash, “Firefly”
  13. Grissom, “CSI”
  14. Jordan Cochran, “Real Genius
  15. Bunsen Honeydew, “The Muppet Show”
  16. Beakman
  17. Lazlo Hollyfield, “Real Genius”
  18. McLovin, “SuperBad”
  19. Batman
  20. MacGyver
  21. Columbo
  22. Spider-man
  23. Bean, Ender’s Game
  24. Mike, Tony, and Cynthia, “Dazed and Confused
  25. Hubert Farnsworth, “Futurama”
  26. Marmaduke
  27. Bernard, Day of the Tentacle.
  28. Seraph, “Matrix Reloaded
  29. Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen
  30. Neo, “The Matrix”
  31. Linus, “Peanuts”
  32. Geordi La Forge, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
  33. Ray Arnold, “Jurassic Park
  34. Brain, “Animaniacs”
  35. Jo, Little Women

Who’s your favorite fictional nerd?

Happy Nerd Pride Day

You may not know it, but while we here in the states are celebrating Memorial Day, the wider world is getting out their lights and decorations for International Nerd Pride day on Monday. It’s great that everybody is getting on board, but we want to make it clear that around here, it’s Nerd Pride Day all year round.

Have a good weekend!