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Ok Go cover The Muppet Theme

So have you heard about Muppets: The Green Album? If you click that link you can go listen to the album on NPR. Anyway, it’s the new record out today with the likes of My Morning Jacket, Ok Go, and Andrew Bird covering the Muppets’ songs.

Here’s a video of OK Go covering The Muppet Show Theme. It includes all the best Muppets (including Jess’ favorite fictional nerds), and if it doesn’t make you smile at least a little bit, you probably have a shrivelled chicken McNugget where your heart ought to be.

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In search of mindless entertainment you turn to The Muppets (or Lady Gaga)

When you couple the devastating tornadoes in North Minneapolis and Joplin, Missouri with OMG Oprah’s show is about to end, the internet is either downright depressing or inane today (though I did get a hearty chuckle out of Periodic Table of Storytelling).

So where does that leave us? The nerdy yearning for a little mindless entertainment? Why it leaves us with the trailer for the new Muppet Movie, of course. Or you can read about how Lady Gaga’s 99-cent album made Amazon’s severs go kablooie.

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Friday Links: We didn’t start the fire edition

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Great Moments in Nerdery: The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody

Really, this needs no other comment.

Friday Links: Feeling grumpy is good for you, and other news

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Profiles in Nerdery: Jessica Mogen, Muppet-lover & Lego-mailer

  • Astrological Sign: They need to have a consistency meeting at Horoscope, Inc. Sometimes they say Aries, sometimes Taurus. I guess my b’day gets . . . Taries the . . . Liger. Yeah. Bred for skills in magic. Some famous Taries: Joey Lawrence, Adolf Hitler, Carmen Electra, Clint Howard, Luther Vandross, George Takei
  • Time at the Nerdery: 2 years and a small handful of months.
  • Area of expertise: Staying under budget.
  • When people ask you what you do, how do you respond: Jack of most
    trades. I mail Legos or fetch things for The Marks. I have a real explanation, but it’s more boring.
  • Favorite kinds of projects to work on: Things that are out of the ordinary & require a different look at things, then doing them well enough to legitimize them to those less whimsical.
  • What one thing about The Nerdery surprises people the most when you tell them about it: That yes, we do actually call it that & no, I can’t get them a job here.
  • Seven dream Jeopardy Categories: 1. “An album cover;” 2. Habits & Hobbies
    of Nocturnal People; 3. BravoDogs; 4. Drum corps; 5. Mechanics of mini-donut machines; 6. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia;” and 7. Stupid Questions People Ask the Unusually Short.
  • Favorite Fictional Nerd: Beaker And Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. I have a crush on most of the Muppets.
  • According to the Wikipedia entry on Nerd, some nerds show a pronounced interest in subjects which others tend to find dull or complex and difficult to comprehend, or overly mature for their age, especially topics related to science, disambiguation, mathematics and technology. Do you know what disambiguation is: I prefer ambiguation.