It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good ‘new logo sucks’ freak out

The only thing better than a new logo brouhaha is a new logo brouhaha with comicbook nerds at the heart of it. It appears that DC Comics is about to unveil a new logo. Brand New has a lot of details on the trademark filing and what not. You can see the logo is a bit of a snooze. The best thing so far about the new logo is definitely iFanboy’s remain calm post. Seriously, and I quote: “Before anyone gets too excited (or agitated), this is a small step in a much larger process and strategy. There is still a lot we don’t know and it will be a while before we see anything in production.”

Oh man, this is why comicbook nerds are some of the all-time best nerds. They’re a passionate bunch.

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The internet minds the Gap

A wise designer I worked with once said, “Nobody should be able to type your logo.” I wonder what he thinks of the the hubbub surrounding the new Gap logo.

Watching the drama is kind of fun. If you’ve been in a cave or undisclosed location that lacks internet access the Gap redesigned its logo and there has been much hand wringing and outrage by anyone remotely close the the marketing/advertising/design community (See AdAge or Agency Spy or The Consumerist).

Within a day of revealing the new logo, there’s already two different create your own Gap logo generators (here and here), and a contest to redesign the logo. Now it’s being hinted at that this who gradated nightmare is social media experiment/crowdsource sort of thing. Speaking of social media, you can follow the new logo and old logo on Twitter.

Though Gap PR claims it’s not a stunt. They say they are open to ideas. It’s that crowd-sourcing bit that inspired a thoughtful post from Mule Design about the value of design. Which is a nice reminder to all of us in industries where what we do can often be taken for granted to value our work.

Are you following the logo drama? It’s one of those kinds of things I can’t look away from. I wonder what it is about this logo that has evoked such a strong reaction from people. Is it really because it’s ugly? It has to be more than that. If the internet got this hopped up over every ugly logo we’d have no time to watch lipdub videos or tend to our farms.

There’s a lesson in here about brand loyalty and how people react to change in the constantly changing internet environment. I’m just not quite sure what that is yet.

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Interview with designer of PBS, Xerox & Mobil logos

Over at LogoDesignLove today is a fascinating interview with designer Tom Geismar, who is the man behind those iconic logos for Xerox, National Geographic, PBS, and a bunch more.

In the interview they touch on everything from sketching vs. working on a computer; design influences; selling ideas to clients; and how you choose clients. Consider this your must read for the day.

Logos are funny things. At first they are just designs on paper. Eventually they come to embody all the qualities of the organization they represent, and most people cannot separate the “design” from their full range of opinions about the organization. The hard task the designer faces is trying to help the client see how the logo might eventually be perceived, how it will work for them, not just whether they “like it.”

Say so long to the splat & other logo news

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who was a little stunned by the news that Nickelodeon, the kid’s TV network, is ditching the iconic splat logo in favor of some boring, round, sans-serif logo. Coming on the heels of the news of Les Lye’s death, the man who played the male grown-up characters on “You Can’t Do That on Televison,” the new logo made me think, “Gosh, Nickelodeon, I don’t even know who you are anymore.” (We’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t been an avid Nick watcher in a few decades).

But more than my self-pitying whine about the death of childhood icons, I wanted to point you in the direction of the discussion and breakdown of the new logo over at idsgn. It’s absolutely fascinating if you’re a brand/design/logo nerd (make sure you read the comments).

In other logo news, yes, believe it or not there is more logo news!

The logo for the planned Microsoft retail stores has been revealed. And if you guessed it would be sort of boring and confusing, you’re right!