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Friday Links: Happy StarWars Day & Free Comic Book Day

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Friday Links: Banksy in LEGO

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LEGO Minecraft is a real thing now

More than a few nerds are so filled with joy at this LEGO Minecraft news that they are losing their minds. The Brothers Brick, my favorite LEGO blog, has more pictures and the full scoop. But here’s the relevant details for those of you who can’t even wait for a web page to load:

“The new set, which was the first to receive 10,000 votes of support from users on the global LEGO CUUSOO idea collection platform, will be available for purchase in summer 2012, but can be pre-ordered from today, exclusively through Mojang retail partner Jinx.com for $34.99 €34.99 at. The sets will also be sold in select LEGO brand retail stores and the LEGO online shop from summer 2012.”

Friday Links: The secret power of introverts

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Friday Links: DC Comics launches new brand & Hipster StarWars

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Probably the best year-end list ever: The year in pictures in LEGO

So much brilliance to choose from. I had to go with Pepper Spray Cop.

Hop on over to The Guardian to see them all.

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Friday Links: AT-ATs, nerdy vacations, and deadly sins

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8-foot LEGO man washes up on Florida beach

You can learn more about this awesomeness at BoingBoing.

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LEGO robot solves Rubik’s Cube in 5 seconds

If that headline didn’t make your head explode, you can get the full scoop on this mind-blowing event over at Singularity Hub.

Friday Links: A cool LEGO iPhone game thing

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