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Baby mistakes iPhone for his mama

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. In this Slate piece, the author talks about how his young son has taken to calling iPhones (and eventually all smart phones) “mama.”

“And then one day, about two months later, my iPhone rang. My wife’s name appeared on the screen. Before I responded, Luka called out, “Mama!” I was so surprised—and proud. Evidence of their special bond, right? Soon after, Luka blurted out “Mama” again, while we were all in the living room. But he wasn’t facing his mother. He was facing the phone.

It became clear: Every time Luka spotted my iPhone, he called “Mama!” Could he really be mistaking an iPhone for his mom?”

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Friday Links: More nerd revenge, amazing coincidences, and that Simpsons’ opening

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Friday Links: Happy Long Weekend edition

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Friday Links: free iPhone 4 cases & stereotyping people by their favorite websites

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This Week in Nerdery

Here’s what’s happening in and around The Nerdery this week, and next.

iPhone tech talks: Tuesday and Wednesday, June 29&30Jon Rexeisen is doing tech talks on iPhone development two nights in a row at The Nerdery. Several of us are staying after school to hear from our all-things-Apple guru, and the public is welcome – please send a direct tweet to the_nerdery if you’re interested (so we can order enough pizza). Both sessions are 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday’s tech talk will be a iOS 101 session covering the basics of iOS development, where to get documentation, etc. Then on Wednesday, Jon will do an iOS 4 session covering the new retina display on iPhone 4, the block APIs, Grand Central Dispatch on iOS, TapGestureRecognizers, and iAds.

Gaming and marketing at JMU612: First thing in the morning Thursday, June 30, Mark Hurlburt talks gaming to a group of marketers at JMU612 from 8-9:30am at Urban Bean in Uptown (Bryant and 33rd). More at http://javameetup5.eventbrite.com/

PHP meetup: Later that evening (6-8 pm, this Thursday), the MN PHP user group meets at The Nerdery, with a session on Doctrine 2 led by Justin Hendrickson and a talk on Gearman by Mike Willbanks. RSVP at http://www.mnphp.org/calendar/13822783/

Agency primer webinars: Our two free HTML5 and CSS3 webinars are Tuesday, June 29 at 10:15 am and Thursday, July 1 at 3:15 pm, RSVP at http://www.nerdery.com/html5 to get the goods from Brian Litzinger and Matt Tonak.

Looking ahead to next week, the MN Python user group meets at The Nerdery Thursday, July 8 from 7-9 pm, more info at http://www.meetup.com/pymntos/

Nerdery Open House for Recruits: On Friday, July 9 from 3-6 p.m., we’ll host an open house geared at recruiting the next generation of much-needed nerds. Some of our local talent is leaving soon to colonize a new Nerdery in Chicago. Replacements, please RSVP at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/742826815

Looking further ahead, July 12-18 is Pentathanerd Week (http://pentathanerd.com/). Watch the second coming of The Summer Games right here (exclusive coverage).

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Friday Links: Resisting the urge to use a Linkbait generator headline

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WWDC iPhone 4 announcement

There’s nothing like the WWDC keynote to make your less-than-a-year-old iPhone 3Gs look like an archaic piece of junk worthy of Zack Morris. Also, I have to say this keynote didn’t seem to have the same sense of anticipation. I blame the Gizmodo leak from a few months back.

So here’s what all the pundits have to say about the iPhone 4 and iOS4.

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Friday Links: More iPhone 4 drama, social media crack, and some stuff about typewriters

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How to raise a nerd

Have you grown tired of reading about how the 4.G iPhone was lost, what Nick Denton (he owns Gizmodo) thinks about it, and letters from Apple’s lawyers? (and really, how could you grow tired? It’s like the awesomest, nerdiest soap opera this month). But if you are tired of it and need to cleanse palate go read How to Raise a Nerd. It’s tender and sweet (though I warn you, you’ll have to ignore quite a few distracting typos). Plus, it’s pretty awesome to see others reveling in their nerdom.

“But why would I ever want to raise a nerd?

For me, I take nerd to mean someone who has in-depth knowledge on a topic. (I realize there are other connotations the word obviously has, but for me , this is my definition.) So there are video game nerds, sports nerds, anime nerds, history nerds and so on and so forth. What makes nerds so great is they are fountains of information, making some truly intriguing conversations possible — and better yet, some truly heated and even truly meaningless arguments.

But, in short, nerds care. They have fires in their bellies. They have passion.”

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Friday Links: iPads, iPhones, and a thing about biking

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