iOS devices track user’s location without permission

Tech and Gadget blogs are aflutter today with news that devices running iOS4 (iPhone 4 and iPad 3G) have been tracking and storing the user’s location data, without their knowledge. The discovery was made by researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden and announced at the Where 2.0 conference. They’ve even released an OSX app you can download and use to take a look at where you’ve been with your iDevice.

It’s a little bit creepy.

While most blog are just reporting on the fact that this exists, ArsTechnia’s got some pretty level-headed analysis (if you ignore the giant header graphic featuring Steve Jobs as some evil action-movie villain): How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters.

WWDC iPhone 4 announcement

There’s nothing like the WWDC keynote to make your less-than-a-year-old iPhone 3Gs look like an archaic piece of junk worthy of Zack Morris. Also, I have to say this keynote didn’t seem to have the same sense of anticipation. I blame the Gizmodo leak from a few months back.

So here’s what all the pundits have to say about the iPhone 4 and iOS4.