Drone delivery – is it here yet?



The Nerdery’s Ryan Carlson chats with K-TWIN’s Cane & Co about Chrome for desktop, which gives you voice-activated handsfree search and all you have to say is “OK, Google.” Also topical, Instagram messaging and Amazon’s delivery drones perhaps sooner than you think (30 minutes or less?).

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Instagram and XBOX chatter on K-TWIN

kwin-studioKTWIN Logo 96.3K-TWIN’s Cane and Co grill Nerdery Tech Evangelist Ryan Carlson on Instagram’s moving pictures and Microsoft’s evolving DRM policy.


Not paying doesn’t necessarily make you ‘the product’

Derek Powazek pokes some holes in the old “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” adage.

“The ‘you are the product’ line is most often repeated when a company that provides a free service does something that people don’t like. See Instagram’s recent terms change or any Facebook design update. The subtext is, this company does not serve you, you don’t pay for it, so shut up already.

But that’s crazy talk.”

Portrait of an Instagram Artist

For longer than I care to admit, I was unsure if this was satire. It’s pretty funny.

Stats Behind the Ever-accelerating Use of Social Networking

As a Technology Evangelist at The Nerdery, I frequently visit with partners across the country to talk about different engagements and data to validate the implementation of new platforms and technology. I started to collect a mass of stats pertaining to many topics, including social networks. My hope is that providing this data will help you have a better understanding of how technology can be used as part of communication, business, and the human experience.

Social network usage is accelerating. Facebook is still the largest and most used network, but others are growing rapidly too. The majority of users are accessing these networks on their mobile devices.

  • 52% of AddThis users save to Facebook and 14% to Twitter. – AddThis
  • Sharing via mobile devices grew 6x in 2011. – AddThis
  • Facebook usage accounts for 10% of all the mobile data iPhone users consume and 5% for Android users. – Mashable
  • Today nearly 4 in 5 active Internet users visit social networks and blogs. Close to 40 percent of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone. – Nielsen
  • 53% of active social networkers follow a brand and 32% follow a celebrity. – Nielsen
  • The median number of Facebook friends is 401. – buffer
  • Instagram is growing at over 2 million new users a month. – socialfresh
  • Instagram grew from 1 million to 12 million users in 2011 alone. – Instagram
  • Path acquired 2 million new users within 2 months of the launch of Path 2. – All Things D
  • Pinterest had 12 million unique visitors in January 2012. A 56% increase over the previous month. – comScore

If you only read one thing about the Instragram acquisition, make it this one from Waxy

There has been many pixels spilled (in the olden days we’d say ink spilled, but you know times being what they are) about Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram. A lot of the posts haven’t offered too much information — lots of outrage and hand wringing about this new tech bubble.

What Andy Baio at Waxy did was cobble together some numbers to see how Instagram’s buyout measured up to other big tech acquisitions.

He’s got a great spreadsheet you can take a look at that explains with more depth, this chart: