Little Red Riding Hood retold as an Infographic

Two paths diverged on the Internet: Distractions on big news days

The day after historic events a blogger has one of two paths to choose. First he or she can pile on the endless posts, stories, and tweets about the event. Enterprising bloggers can find an angle that fits their niche (like how the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death broke on Twitter) or just point to interesting bits about the big news (such as artistic responses to Bin Laden’s death).

A blogger could do that. Or a blogger could take the other path and post something kind of silly and distracting, providing a nice break from the heavy news of the day and its implications.

All that being said, may I direct your attention to this awesome infographic about Superhero Movies? Good. It’s fun and interesting, and you’ll learn that “The Incredibles” is the fifth top-grossing superhero movie. Here’s two other interesting tidbits:

The Mac vs. PC debate, this time with pretty infographics

If you are sick of the Mac vs. PC debate and what it says about you skip this post and go play with Hacker Typer (which lets you be like a movie “hacker,” i.e. write code just by pressing random keys).

If you’re like the Mac vs PC debate (and nifty infographics), surf on over to the Hunch blog where they’ve analyzed the differences between self-identified Mac People and PC People using some of the questions Hunch users can choose to answer about themselves.

A lot of the findings feel pretty predictable or, stereotypical. Mac users like design and trendy clothes and Vespas. PC users like impressionism and comfortable clothes and Harleys. It’s still a fun read. And the best part? If you scroll to the bottom and read more about the analysis, you’ll see that 47% of Mac users find the Mac vs PC debate important compared to only 31% of PC users. At least I thought it was funny. Mac users apparently feel the need to justify their Macness way more than PC users.

Journalism in the Age of Data

Save this one for when you have a little bit of time. This is a one-hour documentary about how to visualize data — a fascinating watch for designers, developers, and infographic junkies alike. Learn more about the project.

Journalism in the Age of Data from geoff mcghee on Vimeo.

State of the Internet

Surely you have three minutes and fifty-one seconds to astounded by this pretty animation that shares staggering numbers on the state of the Internet.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

An infographic of famous high school film nerds


I, of course, just clipped out my favorite film nerd (Lloyd Dobbler from “Say Anything”) from this Time Line of Film’s Favorite High School Nerds. You’ll have to look at the whole graphic to see if your favorite is there. Did he/she make the cut?