Someone be illin’

Gawker has posted a great exchange between a vigilant New York Times crossword solver and the venerable crossword editor, Will Shortz. The awesomeness that ensues revolves around the word “illin” and its actual definition. The email back and forth includes this smack down:

According to the Dictionary of American Slang, edited by Robert L. Chapman, “illin'” means “stupid, insane.” “Wack” is defined as “worthless, stupid.”

The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, by Tony Thorne, defines “illin'” as “bad, uncool,” and says it is a buzzword in the rap and hip-hop cultures. It seems to me that’s roughly the same as “wack” in the sense of worthless or stupid.

Go on over to Gawker to see the crossword solver continues her argument for the proper use of illin’.