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Thursday Links: The Happy Holiday’s edition

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Thursday Links: Ho-Ho-Holiday edition

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Local Agency Holiday Cards

Earlier this week Agency Spy did a nice round of some of this year’s Ad Agency Holiday Cards. So here, I did a mini-round up of some of the holiday stuff the local agencies did to celebrate the holidays.

The people over at Sevnthsin have offered up the spectacular ECARD MAKER WEBSITE.COM which is truly a wonder to behold. (Random Aside: I used to work with a woman a long time ago who had a website that look just like this one and on it she featured WAV files of herself singing karaoke versions of Christina Aguilera songs)

For Christmas Colle + McVoy gave the world Squawq which is like Google Analytics for Twitter.

Olson asked people to circle ’round the mistletoe.

This Christmas, our pals Zeus Jones teamed up with Puny to raise funds this Christmas so they can help send all the kids at Richard R Green Central Park School on a field trip. You can read more about the story at Holiday Bus drive.

This one’s not local, but I sure did like it:
Mother London took their Christmas gift budget and gave it away in a SPAMesque sort of way. You can see the whole story at Giving Glorious.

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Reindeer Rodeo — Thrown back like a beer at a ballgame

Yesterday I showed you some fun ad agency holiday cards, but I saved the best for today. This is reindeer rodeo from Bernstein-Rein. It’s a lot of fun, even though I can’t seem to get past Randolph. Darn you Randolph! Give it a try. I bet Randolph gets the best of you too.

Microwave Jingle Bells and other Ad Agency Holiday Greetings

I know some people are kicking it into high gear trying to stay busy and productive right up until the holiday break. There are others, however, who are marking time and watching the clock. For all of you butt-kickers and clock-watchers, here’s some holiday ho-ho-ho to help get you through the working day.

From AKQA a set of Microwave Ovens that beep Jingle Bells. The mind-boggles at how much trial and error went into getting the timing right on this one.

Here’s a video from Firehouse, A Pickle Christmas Carol.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Frozen Pole from Nuance is a little cringe-inducing, inviting you to upload a picture, and then stick your animated tongue to something metal. Youch

What were some of your favorite Ad Agency Holiday Greetings this year? If you’re having trouble deciding check out Banner Blog’s collection of 120 Ad Agency Holiday Cards [via].

May all your Christmases be #FFFFFF; really sleighs (heh) me

While trolling the Internet this weekend, intermittently shopping and looking for things to include in a gift guide that I am sort of working on, I stumbled upon the Telegraph’s round-up of geeky Holiday Cards. They cracked me up. Well, most of them cracked me up. Some of them I just didn’t understand.

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