How Yahoo Killed Flickr & Lost the Internet

Grab yourself a cold beverage, a comfy seat, and settle in for this long read from Gizmodo about how Yahoo killed Flickr and lost the Internet. While short on named sources and long on a childish and gratuotious use of the F-word, it’s an interesting piece about how far ahead of the social game Flickr/Yahoo was back in 2005 and how they let it all slip away.

It’s hard to remember, but back in 2005, Yahoo seemed like it had its game on. After losing out on search dominance to Google, it snapped up a bunch of small-but-cool socially oriented companies like Flickr (social photos), Delicious (social bookmarking), and Upcoming (social calendaring). There was a real sense that Yahoo was doing the right thing. It was, to some extent, out in front of what would come to be widely known as Web 2.0: the participatory Internet.

Also interesting is the discussion thread in the comments about how Flickr hasn’t died but instead morphed into a site where actual photographers (as opposed to iPhone snapshot takers) share photos.