Influencers of conformity

When I think about nerds, and I mean in general and not our Nerds specifically, one of the traits that comes to mind (before the stereotypical sci-fi whatnot, taped-up glasses, and computer blah blah) is non-conformity.

Wikipedia’s got my back here, saying in the nerd entry:

Although the idea of nerds is popular, those adopting the characteristics of nerds are not actually nerds by definition. One cannot be an authentic nerd by imitation alone; a nerd is an outsider and someone who is unable or unwilling to follow trends. Popular culture is borrowing the concept and image of nerds in order to stand out as individuals.

(I like to imagine an angry, embittered teenage nerd adding that line)

So when I saw this article on the ten things that influence conformity in groups, I instantly thought of our Nerds and had to share the article. Working with non-conformist nerds is exhilarating (and sometimes exasperating), and everyone should try it. Now that you have the list of what breeds conformity, you can work on doing something about it.