Watchmen prequels anger pretty much everyone

Did you hear about how DC Comics is launching a new series of “Watchmen” prequels based on the iconic 80s graphic novel? They are, and pretty much every comicbook nerd worthy of the name nerd is upset about it. You can read about it on Wired and then once you get the lay of the land, head on over to The Wall Street Journal and read Why The New ‘Watchmen’ Can’t Turn Back the Clock”, which is a really thoughtful piece about the enterprise, including this:

“Let’s not be angry about this, let’s be sad and maybe a bit worried. The Watchmen graphic novel will stay its brilliant, doom-laden, intricate heartbreaking self. The future of superhero comics, however, is much less certain.”

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good ‘new logo sucks’ freak out

The only thing better than a new logo brouhaha is a new logo brouhaha with comicbook nerds at the heart of it. It appears that DC Comics is about to unveil a new logo. Brand New has a lot of details on the trademark filing and what not. You can see the logo is a bit of a snooze. The best thing so far about the new logo is definitely iFanboy’s remain calm post. Seriously, and I quote: “Before anyone gets too excited (or agitated), this is a small step in a much larger process and strategy. There is still a lot we don’t know and it will be a while before we see anything in production.”

Oh man, this is why comicbook nerds are some of the all-time best nerds. They’re a passionate bunch.

Hang on to your underoos, Marvel comics are about to get TRONified


There are more than a few nerds super excited about the upcoming Tron: Legacy. I’d also venture to guess that a few of those very same nerds also dig comicbooks and/or superheroes. Which is why the TRONified covers of ten Marvel comics will be making a lot of nerd’s month, maybe even year.

And if you don’t care about TRON or comicbooks, then you should go over at take A List Apart’s 2010 Survey for People Who Make Websites. It only takes a few minutes and the more web people who take it the more accurate the findings will be. Why does it matter? Because it gives a look at who is creating the web, how much money they’re making, and where they expect to grow in their career. Like I said, it only takes a few minutes and then you can get back to creating websites or reading comicbooks.

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The Danger Room

Matt, our Nerdery twitterer, is giving the world a sneak peak at the expanded Nerdery.

We concur!

Pour one out for Sheldon Dorf, founder of Comic-Con

Today’s New York Times features the obituary of Sheldon Dorf who died on November 3rd at the age of 76.

Dorf is the man responsible for founding Comic-Con which started as a small gathering of comicbook nerds in 1970 and has blossomed into a a phenomenon that attracts over 126,000 attendees. For many nerds, attending Comic-Con is a religious pilgrimage.

There’s a Shel Dorf Tribute site filled memories of Dorf and offers a great glimpse into the history of comicbooks and how one man influenced an industry.

RIP Mr. Dorf, you changed pop culture and that’s an amazing feat for any human.

P.S. Totally unrelated, but worth a mention. Today is World Usability Day. Make sure to give your favorite UX designer a hug.