Pour one out for Chaleo Yoovidhya, the creator of Red Bull

As you can see by the graphic on the left (snipped from the Nerds page), nerds love caffeine. So when trolling through the NY Times obits today, I stopped to read about the death of Chaleo Yoovidhya, the man responsible for Red Bull.

Though he created a pharmaceuticals company in the 60s, the Thailand-native soon started making a beverage loaded with caffeine and marketed toward laborers and truckers. It wasn’t until a German discovered the jet-lag mitigating properties of Red Bull that the product really took off. Red Bull’s unique approach to marketing helped make the company ridiculously successful:

“Red Bull long eschewed traditional media outlets, like television, and focused on sponsoring student parties, sporting events and athletes, with a special emphasis on the stars of extreme sports.

The strategy worked. In January 2011, the privately held company reported that it had sold 4.2 billion cans of Red Bull, generating revenue of $5.1 billion. It claimed a 70 percent share of the energy drink market. Forbes estimated Mr. Chaleo’s wealth at $5 billion and ranked him the 205th-richest man in the world.”

Gourmet whole bean coffee hand roasted by Stormtroopers

Kai’s Free Buzz is pretty legendary around The Nerdery (and those who partook at the Webchallenge). The Free Buzz is almost as legendary as Kai’s emails announcing its availability. Here’s a nice excerpt from one explaining exactly what the Buzz is:
“It’s the thickest, chewiest, blackest, most jacked up coffee you’ve ever had. So fresh that even before the hot water hits it, the grinds are still warm from the grinder. So thick, you’ll be sucking the residue from in between your teeth for hours. So jacked up that if Mondays were anthropomorphic enough to have fingers, they’d be slapping your arm looking for a vein.

In the ever-brutal battle between hot things and cold things, pitch black concentrated coffee is often caught in the middle. In the middle of boiling water; in the middle of crushed ice; in the middle of your mug; in the middle of your mouth; in the middle of the morning.”

Imagine the kind of epic nerd caffienegasm that could happen if Kai’s Buzz was made with Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee from ThinkGeek?

The mind boggles. Really.

A few tips for successfully pulling an all-nighter

There are tons of tips out there on how to properly pull an all-nighter. To help you with the Overnight Website Challenge (18 hours away) we’ve pulled together a few of our favorites.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep While You Can
We’re talking the night before. Go to bed early, sleep as much as you can. It’s been shown that American’s don’t get enough sleep, so you’re already tired. Tonight get to bed early, squeeze in eight solid hours of sawing logs if at all possible.


“Experts” seem pretty divided on if caffeine helps or hinders during an all-nighter. Those who are against caffeine are wrong, dead wrong. It’s a beautiful chemical that interupts the sleep chemicals in your brain. While Benjamin Franklin was fond of saying “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” I’d make a strong argument that caffeine might be the proof.

As they say, you can have too much of a good thing. Watch the caffeine intake. Too much might leave you jittery and irritable, too little might leave you snoozing, and way too much can allegedly kill you. You can download and print out this handy Caffeine Calculator or visit Death by Caffeine to see how much you’d have to ingest before it killed you.

Plan For a Nap

Susan Inglis who was on last year’s winning Team IB said planning for naps is imperative. Her team won last year, who are we to argue? Plus, our own president Luke Bucklin (pictured above during last year’s challenge) seems to agree, naps are good.

Get up & Get Your Blood Flowing
We suggest these kinds of activities to get your blood pumping.

Or, if you like to go the safe route, you could try something like this:


Light snacks throughout the night will keep your blood sugar from plummeting and help you stay more alert. Plus, you’re packing another 8 or so hours into your day, you need that extra meal. However, with fresh fruits, salty snacks, Chipotle, Umbria Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings, we got you covered on this one.

Turn Up the Radio

Seriously. This is more than just a ploy to get Autograph’s “Turn Up the Radio” named the official theme song of the Overnight Website Challenge 09. Every article I read about the proper way to pull an all-nighter mentions music as an important factor, especially loud music with a lot of bass. But make sure to bring some headphones as to not to annoy everyone with your repeated listening of Human League’s Fascination.

Remember to Blink

The Mayo Clinic has a boatload of tips for reducing eyestrain when working in front of a computer for a long period of time.