Branding US Presidents

This project is similar to the woman who set out to brand 10,000 of Minnesota’s 11,842 lakes.

In this case, the designer is branding each of the 44 US Presidents. He or She is up to Grover Cleveland, #22 (and #24). So far, James Madison is the best one (and I don’t just say that because James Madison is my favorite ex-president. Okay, yes, I do).

Are you brandwashed?

Did you listen to All Things Considered on NPR this weekend? No. That’s okay, you can listen to it now, and you totally should. Why? Because this weekend they talked with Martin Lindstrom the author of Brandwashed: Trick Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy. Don’t worry, if you’re not so much of a listener you can read a write up of the interview. Here’s some fun facts from the post/radio show:

  • The average American 3-year-old can recognize 100 brands
  • You and I are talking about brands 25 percent of our entire time
  • When grocery shopping try to avoid a cart. They’ve made carts bigger which makes people spend 40% more than they usually would

Branding 10,000 Lakes

Designer and art director Nicole Meyer has challenged herself with designing logos for 10,000 of Minnesota’s lakes (according to the DNR we actually have 11,842 lakes that are 10+ acres). But even with designing one new logo a day for 10,000 lakes, the project will take more than twenty-seven years. It’s a delightful project that’s fun to look at. Go see for yourself.

Friday Links: Modern Brands, More Bogusky & Maps

How listening to fans helped LEGO turn their business around

As you know, we have a penchant for the LEGO here, which is why, of course, we couldn’t pass by this video.

Here you can watch Jake McKee, who was the Global Community Relations Specialist at LEGO, talk about the fans’ role in the company’s brand. And if you like, you can head on over to Smart Blog on Social Media where they have some very nice bullet points that can be culled from this video.

Diving into LEGO’s Strategy Behind Connecting Their Amazing Network of Fans — presented by Jake McKee from GasPedal on Vimeo.

Fanboyism & Brand Loyalty

If you have even the teeniest bit sense of humor when it comes to your own intelligence and if you can handle some self-deprecation, then You are Not So Smart just might become your new favorite blog. Subtitled, “A Celebration of Self Delusion” this blog methodically picks apart all kinds of things you thought you knew (or wish you knew).

It’s funny and educational (though personally, I don’t agree 100% with all the arguments), and the post on Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty is perfect for Inside the Nerdery where we love to be fanboys (and fangirls) and we like to learn about marketing, branding, and all that good stuff our clients do.

This really is a fascinating read, just take this bit for instance:
“In experiments where people were given Coke and Pepsi in unmarked cups and then hooked up to a brain scanner, the device clearly showed a certain number of them preferred Pepsi while tasting it.

When those people were told they where drinking Pepsi, a fraction of them, the ones who had enjoyed Coke all their lives, did something unexpected. The scanner showed their brains scrambling the pleasure signals, dampening them. They then told the experimenter afterward they had preferred Coke in the taste tests.

They lied, but in their subjective experiences of the situation, they didn’t. They really did feel like they preferred Coke after it was all over, and they altered their memories to match their emotions.

“They had been branded somewhere in the past and were loyal to Coke. Even if they actually enjoyed Pepsi more, huge mental constructs prevented them from admitting it, even to themselves.”

You can read the entire post on You Are Not So Smart.

Friday Links: Would you ever let your widows and orphans hang?

Great Scott! Things sure look different around here

Welcome to Nerdery Interactive Labs. Super sweet, isn’t it?

If you’re one of those who is afraid of change, don’t worry. Same great nerds, new great look. It’s still us, just with a shiny new name and brand.

Nerdery Interactive Labs, or still The Nerdery, is the name we’ve given to the division of Sierra Bravo that partners with ad, design, and marketing agencies to build amazing things for the web.

You might not know this but we started from humble beginnings. Just three programmers who integrated legacy systems with the web, as our company grew so did our capabilities. We found that more and more we were uniquely suited to partner with agencies to bring their ideas to life on the web.

As you probably know, if you’ve been reading some of our media coverage, we’ve grown like crazy this last year. Since our partner program has become such a large part of our business we decided to give it its own name and identity. And you’re looking at it, kid.

The Nerdery doesn’t change who we are or what we do. It just gives us a name, look, and feel that’s more fitting of a web development company working with creative agencies.

Go take a look around. I highly recommend checking out our work and then when you’re done with that, the Periodic Table of Nerdery (which is my favorite part of the new site).

So what do you think. Pretty cool?

Friday Links: Three stories you should be paying attention to

We’ve had so much going at The Nerdery we haven’t posted any Friday Links. We’re still pretty busy, but there have been a few stories popping up that really deserve your attention:

  • If you have not been following the fall-out from Tropicana’s new packaging, you’re missing out. The new packaging is being blamed for 20% drop in Tropicana sales. It’s a study in consumer behavior and brand loyalty.
  • Today’s Future Tense, talks about how the Internet has “shattered” advertising, by giving consumers a new way to gather information on goods and services. It’s a thought-provoking listen and well worth a couple of your minutes.
  • And finally, it appears as though Google is in talks to buy Twitter. Wowee! There’s never a dull moment, is there?

Delivering Happiness, Zappos keynote at SXSW

Yesterday, Tom O’Neill sent out a tweet encouraging all the the nerds to take a gander at Tony Hsieh’s slides from his SXSW keynote. There’s also a very cute graphical representation of his speech you can look at.

I thought I’d post it here for all our readers. It’s probably one of those things we can all learn from. It’s about more than Zappo’s magical customer service (and it is magical, I know this from experience), it’s about branding, corporate culture, and vision. Take a look, I guarantee you’ll learn something.