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Friday Links: Tech insurgents & the myth of the fake geek girl

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Is Settlers of Catan poised to be the next Monopoly?

photo by ginnerobot

The Atlantic has a funny article about how nearly two decades after its creation the board game Settlers of Catan is about to become a mainstream hit. They, of course, credit nerds with being early adopters paving the way for the game’s success (and I’m sure our lunchtime gamers would totally agree):

“Settlers is taking a similar path [ala Green Lantern and X-Men] to popularity. Not long after its inception 16 years ago, Settlers found a welcome home among gamers. “The nerds recognized it first” argues Charlie Cromer, a nerd culture enthusiast who’s been attending gaming conventions for the past decade. “They were the ones willing to take a chance on an obscure foreign board game.” In the case of Settlers, nerds were the early adopters that Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his book The Tipping Point, a necessary component for a product to take off.”

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How Scrabble is played in The Nerdery

Sure this might look like a crappy cellphone picture of a Scrabble board, but it’s not. No, it’s a crappy screencap of a picture from the Scrabblecam. Even old school Scrabble has a nerdy twist here. At The Nerdery the Scrabble board gets its own webcam and players have to check in every once in awhile to see if it’s their turn (denoted by the Post-it on the side of the board).

Right now I am off to play a triple-letter V.

UPDATE: Now you too can watch the Nerd Scrabble action.

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