More than one way to pour a beer

Though I’m not sure The Nerdery’s brewmaster would endorse this method of beer dispersal, this Rube Goldbergesque contraption makes for a pretty spectacular way to get a beer.

Friday Links: History of beer & a big Digg scandal

Do smart people drink more?

As you know the Bottle Cap is an integral part of Nerdery Culture. So you can understand why the People of class drink alcohol post over on Discovery’s blog caught our attention. If you take a look at this chart that shows that the smarter the you are the more likely you are to consume alcohol, you’ll see why were posting this here.

Go read the entire post for more graphs that control for other variables including education, gender, religion, and geography. Then, make sure to jump to the comments to read all kinds of crackpot theories and accusations.

Earth Day at The Nerdery

Being a web and mobile software company you might not think there’s a whole lot we can do to reduce our impact on the environment. Considering that we do not have factories that produce goods, and we have no need to ship products around the world so there is no fleet of thousands of trucks to make more efficient. But, on the contrary, there’s a plethora of things we can do and are doing to reduce our impact.

In a company such as ours where enforcing something as concrete as changing all truck routes to have as many right turns as possible (kudos to the dude at UPS that came up with that one) isn’t an option, our solutions stem from a more cultural stand point, such as turning off computers at night or over the weekend, recycling paper, and printing double sided. All of which are difficult to enforce and measure.

Building a culture of employees that are concerned about the company’s impact on the environment is not an easy task. To provoke interest and encourage critical thinking on the topic we send out a monthly update on our energy use that includes some analysis on the amount of energy used per employee and other green tips. Though the main focus is on culture, there are a few very tangible things we have done.

For one, we installed programmable thermostats throughout the building, which most probably contributed to a reduction in our energy use in the 2009-2010 winter season by nearly 50% of what is was in 2008-2009. We also have indoor bike racks, lockers, a lunch delivery program, and we recently switched from bottles of beer to kegs (w00t!). All of these things not only reduce our impact on the environment, whether directly or indirectly, but also either saves the company money or increases morale (in the case of the kegs I would say it does both).

There are definitely more things we can do, but we’re doing what we can and allowing the culture to grow organically (See what I did there?). Happy Earth Day from all of us here at The Nerdery.

The Nerdery presents: How to pour the perfect beer

The Bottle Cap is an integral part of The Nerdery’s culture. Think pep fest + show & tell + beer. It’s a chance for the nerds to pass out props, share the coolest project that just launched, and to tip back a few beers in honor of our own badassery (if you’ve ever had the honor of attending the Bottle Cap you’ll know that the word [or is it a phrase?] ‘badass’ is bandied about quite often).

As The Nerdery has grown so has the mountain of bottles and caps. And even though nerds are often mistakenly stereotyped as pasty-faced gremlins who shun the outdoors, that’s just not true. We love the Earth. We dig it so much that we even have a Green Team that sends us all kinds of tips on how we can save energy and be a little nicer to the planet we call home.

To support that green effort, we switched to kegs of beer rather than our traditional bottles. It was tough taking the bottles and caps out of Bottle Cap, but with the kegs we’re no longer filling the recycle bin or wasting beer. And, as you’ll see from the video, we even use glass pint glasses instead of plastic cups. It’s more efficient all around.

So in the interest of educating you all on the proper way to pour beer, we offer you this short instructional video.
The video features Joshua Beardsley, Nerdery Brewmaster, reporting by Andrew Watson, and the intro musical stylings are courtesy of our own Kai Esbensen.

The Nerdery Presents: How to Pour from The Nerdery on Vimeo.