Blink to the Future: A Dr. Who/Back to the Future Mashup

If the World Doesn’t End Tomorrow, we have LEGO Back to the Future to look forward to

From LEGO’s CUUSOO blog.

A wrench, 1.21 gigawatts & these simple instructions stand between you and a time machine

The sci-fi IKEA manuals are all kinds of wonderful. Specifically this one for the Delorean. Make sure you go to College Humor to see manuals for the Tardis, Lightsaber, and dinosaurs.

Great (scott) Moments in Nerdery: The release of Back to the Future

Twenty-five years ago today Marty McFly sat in the Delorean, got it up to 88 miles, and zoomed back to 1955. In honor of this anniversary, the cast, crew, and anyone remotely related to the trilogy have been all over the Internet. Here some of the cast, the director, and Huey Lewis, appear on the Today Show.

Here’s a few other interesting tidbits from around the internet:

And because Biff doesn’t seem to be getting any love, you should watch this (it’s funny):

Great Moment in Nerdery: November 5, 1955

It was on this day in 1955 that Doctor Emmett Brown slipped off the toilet seat and invented the Flux Capacitor that would make time travel possible. Happy Flux Capacitor day!