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Primer Notes: WWDC ’12 Recap

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Friday Links: The History of April Fool’s Day

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The inside scoop on ‘Think Different’

If you have a little time (and tolerance for clunky writing) go read Forbes’ The real story behind Apple’s ‘Think Different campaign. The piece is written by Rob Siltanen who was the creative director & managing partner at TBWA/Chiat/Day. He not only pitched ‘Think Different,” but also wrote the rough draft of the script that became the iconic commercial.

“When the ‘Think Different’ campaign launched, Apple immediately felt the boost despite having no significant new products. Within 12 months, Apple’s stock price tripled.”

Wednesday Links: Because it’s a holiday week

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Friday Links: The pros & cons of the Internet circa 1996

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Friday Links: Popular video games turned into horror movies

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Remembering Steve

Apple is sharing some of the more than one million memories, condolences and thoughts emailed to rememberingsteve@apple.com. It’s a sweet and moving tribute to the Apple founder.

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Friday Links: Old Navy’s grammar gaffe & the best comics of all time

Finally, I missed this last week after we were named Best Place to Work. Take a look at around 1:45.

2011 Best Places to Work in Minneapolis-St. Paul: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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Mac fanboy/girl or not, the story of the fake Apple store is funny

Sure, sure, I the big news about Apple today is about OS X Lion. You can skip right on over to Ars Technica for a ridiculously exhaustive and (incredibly long) review of the new OS. Or maybe it’s the minor hubbub about MacBooks being discontinued. While not the biggest Apple new today, the story about the fake Apple store in China is definitely the best. The sham is pretty good and the pictures are astounding.

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Friday Links: Video game cakes, the moon & Matt Groening

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