Come over to The Nerdery to learn about Building Apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Come join us at The Nerdery at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 28th and learn all about building apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook from nerd-emeritus, Chris Black. Chris is an Interactive Developer who focuses on ActionScript development with Adobe Flex and AIR.

Chris’ presentation will show you how to leverage your existing skills to build apps for the PlayBook using HTML5 or Adobe AIR. In this session Chris will size up the PlayBook to the competition and cover everything you’ll need to get started with the BlackBerry Tablet OS. You’ll see how to build an AIR app from scratch, test using the PlayBook simulator, and walk through the steps for submitting to the BlackBerry App World. To conclude, Chris will show you how to cross compile the application to run on Android and iOS.

This presentation will be filled with demos showing the capabilities of the brand new AIR 2.6 SDK, and you’ll see how to cross compile to three different platforms in a single click.

Are you in? It’s bound to be a lot of fun. If you want to come on over to The Nerdery leave us a comment so we know how much pizza to order (yeah, there’ll be free pizza).

Six Months on AIR: A Look at Skimmer

If you weren’t able to attend Minh and Chris’s Flashbelt presentation, we have the next best thing — the slide deck! Take a look to learn why they chose AIR to develop Skimmer, working with SQLite, and tips and tricks for developing applications using these technologies. When you’re done, make sure to check out Andrew’s Flashbelt recaps.

Tech Tips: Display TwitPic Images in Flex & AIR

The TwitPic API does not currently support outgoing requests and the image source from amazon aws contains an AWS AccessKeyId, expiration time stamp, and signature. This would normally require a regular expression to rip the source JPG path out of the HTML. Ripping the source out of the HTML is a bit of a pain and is not a long term solution. It is possible to use the following shortened url to gain access to the full image path using the TwitPic image id.
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