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Friday Links: How Michael Jackson’s death broke the Internet & Why all your favorite movies are really the same

iPhone Users Never Forget

iPhone Users Never ForgetReadWriteWeb has some interesting analysis on a report from eMarketer about ad recall rates for iPhones versus other mobile devices and other platforms in general. Impressively, their data shows that 59% of iPhone users recall ads they’d seen on their devices.

I’m a Twitterific user on my iPhone and while I seemingly only ever find time to check out my feed on my drives to and from work, I do admit that the Deck ads that they show do get my attention (at times probably more than the surrounding traffic).  It might be the placement amongst other bite-sized info, or it may be the relatively small screensize of the device and their resulting prominence but it works on me and evidentaly on 59% of you all too.

Friday Links: Three stories you should be paying attention to

We’ve had so much going at The Nerdery we haven’t posted any Friday Links. We’re still pretty busy, but there have been a few stories popping up that really deserve your attention:

  • If you have not been following the fall-out from Tropicana’s new packaging, you’re missing out. The new packaging is being blamed for 20% drop in Tropicana sales. It’s a study in consumer behavior and brand loyalty.
  • Today’s Future Tense, talks about how the Internet has “shattered” advertising, by giving consumers a new way to gather information on goods and services. It’s a thought-provoking listen and well worth a couple of your minutes.
  • And finally, it appears as though Google is in talks to buy Twitter. Wowee! There’s never a dull moment, is there?