How to Feed 422 Nerds a Thanksgiving Feast [Infographic]

Every year, the families of our executive committee team up to put together a homemade Thanksgiving feast for our staff. My first Nerdery Thanksgiving was back in 2007. I was amazed that they could put together a meal for 40 people and still have leftovers. Seven years later, they managed to feed 400+ people and still had leftovers. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, your grocery list would look something like this.

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Why $10K Websites Work for Everyone… But You.

As a custom web and interactive development company, it’s not uncommon for customers to come to us asking to help select or implement a pre-built website theme for their business. When we start asking questions, however, we often find that a from-the-box website solution won’t deliver the value clients think it will.

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Quick CMS Comparison [Infographic]

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) for your website – and your budget – is one of the most important decisions in the web development process. To help illustrate the differences, we’ve put together this visual guide examining what makes some of our favorite affordable CMS options unique.

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Why is Website Development So Darn Expensive?

We hear the question, “Why is website development so darn expensive?” a lot. So we rummaged around The Nerdery for three different perspectives (from a Software Developer, a Project Manager and a Solutions Engineer) on the true value of developing software and why you ultimately get what you pay for.

“Getting everyone on the same page is important to create an accurate estimate, scope and timeline.”

-Kurt Schmidt, Director of Project Management

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Outsourced Web Development

The question that all organizations face when building a new website is especially challenging to small businesses on a tight budget – “who can we trust to create our website?” And while a small business, nonprofit or startup may have limited resources, their users have real needs to address.

Outsourcing is a great option when you don’t have the technical skills required internally, though it’s hard to know which kind of outsourcing is right: offshore, freelance, an agency or even your friend’s tech-wiz nephew.

I’ve had to make these tough calls before myself when co-founding startups and have learned that the right answer depends on a combination of your knowledge-level and what you’re willing to risk.

Cheap Has Its Price

It’s easy for someone to promise you that with the budget or constraints you have, you can get exactly what you’re asking for. They want your money, and will say “yes” if that’s what it takes to get it. Then when you get your finished product, surprise! You don’t get what you want after all.

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Core Values Week 2014 – day-by-day diaries

Here are excerpts of some of the messages and stories shared by Nerdery leadership throughout 2014 Core Values Week, starting with a Friday-before preview:

Friday, Oct 17 from Tom O’Neill, President:

My fellow Nerds – I am writing from the Inc. 5000 conference where we are being honored for the amazing growth you all have contributed to. As I packed up to leave for the airport I got a text from Mike Derheim asking to me to grab a book from his office. I didn’t recognize the book but there was an impressive list of leaders on the cover. As I skimmed the list my internal voice read “Ken Blanchard, Warren Buffet, Ira Flatow, Mike Derheim, Bill Gates… wait… what the, MIKE DERHEIM?” I quickly texted Mike back with some thoughts on how I felt about him not sharing this tiny little detail with me yet.

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Digital PM Summit preview w/speakers Megan Wilker and Kurt Schmidt

This podcast is a conversation about digital project management with two leaders in the field: Clockwork COO Megan Wilker and Kurt Schmidt, Director of Project Management here at The Nerdery – both invited to speak at today’s Digital PM Summit in Austin, Texas – no spoilers in this preview. Kurt also talks with Megan about the growing community-of-peers she founded called the Twin Cities Interactive Project Management Meetup.


How big data can help your business, big or small

In recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about “big data” or Apache Hadoop but little of it  has been enlightening or inspiring (maybe a bit mysterious like a good twist to a movie). Big data is really just a buzz  word for now, but it’s what we use when we’re talking about a collection of large and complex data sets that are analyzed to reveal patterns. Some say it’s solving big problems for big businesses like Google, US Bank, and other large enterprises out there. Some say it’s too complicated for “an ordinary developer” to do. We’ll try to answer some of these questions, dispel some of these myths, and most importantly, show you how you and your business can use big data to solve your problems… big or small.

“Try turning what you used to see as a trash can into real money for your business.”

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