Cyber Security & Data Breach Facts at a Glance [Infographic]

Cyber security has been a hot button issue lately, for good reason. But how do hackers gain to access to databases? And who do they typically target? Read on to learn little-known facts about cyber security, and exactly how costly data breaches can be.

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Cyber Security Q&A: How NOT to get Hacked

With all the press surrounding security breaches lately, you might be wondering how it’s possible for your business to operate without getting hacked. We sat down with one of our security experts, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Chris Wade to ask what you need to know about cyber security, hackers and how to protect your business and yourself.

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WWDC: Going Past the Keynote

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote address has long been a landmark event for anyone following the company. However, WWDC spans an entire week, and the big announcements from the keynote represent hundreds of thousands of hours of work from Apple’s development teams. Each day of the conference, Apple engineers present specific details about the new technology that help developers see what new opportunities have opened up, and what practices they’ll need to change in the year ahead.

If your only view of WWDC 2015 was the keynote address, you missed out on almost a week’s worth of important information for developers. Let’s take a closer look at a few features of iOS 9 that didn’t make it into those first two hours.

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My 10 Step Guide to Winning a Scholarship and Attending WWDC

Recently, I was the lucky winner of an Apple scholarship that allowed me to attend the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco two weeks ago. Do you hope to attend a future WWDC? Here’s my 10 step guide to winning a ticket and attending the massive conference. Note: While these steps seemed to work for me – because hey, I won – your experience may vary.

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Why I keep attending WWDC

When I went to my first World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in 2010, I had several reasons driving me to attend. Personally, as an Apple enthusiast, I wanted to see Steve Jobs in person doing what he did best – using his reality distortion field (otherwise known as his ample charisma). Professionally, I wanted to see the presentations led by Apple engineers talking about the frameworks they wrote. That year, Apple released documentation almost immediately after the keynote, but the sessions weren’t released for months afterwards. By attending in-person, I had a leg up. I knew things before most everyone else.

Today, things are different. Tim Cook isn’t the showman that Steve was. The session videos are posted the day after, nearly erasing the competitive advantage. So why would I shell out the money, year after year, to attend WWDC?

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Google I/O Takeaways: What Android App Developers and Product Managers Need to Know

Once again, Google’s annual developer conference has come and gone. Last week, The Nerdery was an official host site of the 2015 Google I/O live stream viewing, and two of our Nerds were lucky enough to travel to San Francisco to attend the conference in person. The list of announcements that came out of the keynote address is long, but the overall feel of this year was a focus on refinement rather than reinvention.

Translating those changes into a product roadmap can be difficult, but we’ve identified some of the key takeaways for those developing or maintaining an Android application.

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Apple WWDC 2015 Predictions

In advance of Apple’s annual June spectacle, WWDC (that’s Worldwide Developers Conference for the layperson), we thought it’d be fun to pick the brains of our mobile Nerds and learn what they expect to hear from Apple’s bigwigs. Introducing our panel:

Jon Rexeisen is a Principal Software Engineer (iOS), veteran of many mobile-focused Nerdery webinars and is attending his sixth(!) consecutive WWDC.
Sarah Olson is a Senior Software Engineer (iOS) attending her first WWDC, thanks to her winning app entry courtesy of Apple’s WWDC scholarship competition for members and alumni of select STEM organizations.
Kenton Watson is a Senior Software Engineer (Android) here to shake things up with the outsider’s perspective only an Android developer could bring.
Ben Dolmar is The Nerdery’s Technology Manager for mobile development.

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Security on the Client-side

Whether in a desktop browser or the embedded webview of your favorite social media app, your website is a battleground. Keeping your users and their data safe is one of the most difficult (but important) problems to solve when creating any Internet-connected product. There’s plenty to be done to ensure that data stays safe server-side, but your first and last line of defense is client-side.

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Why 60% of software projects are at risk before they even start

There are a lot of well-intentioned business owners, product managers and decision makers within organizations who want to make their business better. Some have plenty of money and are ready to spend when they’re told they’ll see, “a huge ROI because [technology fad of the month] is the next-big-thing.” Others have money burning a hole in their pocket while wistfully looking at their competitors, green with envy, and thinking, “Damn, they’ve just launched a mobile app, and I hear mobile is big with the kids these days. I should probably have an app, too.”

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Helping Sick Kids – One Video Game At A Time

Over the past three years, Extra Life Nerds has raised more than $30,000 for sick kids by playing games for 24-hours straight as part of Extra Life.

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