iMapWeather addictive, timely social network about weather

Yesterday the Balcom Agency launched iMapWeather,. The Nerdery had the fine, fine pleasure of helping them build this social network that lets people connect about all things weather related.

It seems like an odd bit of magical synchronicity that iMapWeather launches while North Dakota faces the worst floods they’ve seen since 1997, in fact the Red River is expected to crest this weekend more than a foot above 1997’s record-setting level. The Nerdery is keeping a close eye on the situation in ND. In fact, Tom O’Neill has rustled up a gang of nerds to head up to Fargo this weekend and help with the sandbagging efforts.

Now, thanks to iMapWeather, I can’t seem to stop watching a live shot of the river in Grand Forks that a user posted.

And this is just what the creators of iMapWeather were going for.

“We looked around and said, ‘All right there’s nothing out there that offers people a real way to connect through the weather,'” Chip Hanna, Interactive Account Director at Balcom Agency, said. “There’s nowhere else that you can upload photos, share video and other information all related to the weather.”

iMapWeather is a joint venture between Balcolm Agency and Weather Decision Technologies, The Nerdery helped them bring their vision to life.

Next week we’ll tell you about how that vision came about and what we did to help it along.

Zeus Jones wins PhizzPop Design Challenge

Zeus Jones with some help from a Sierra Bravo nerd took home the grand prize at last night’s finals of Microsoft’s PhizzPop Design Challenge at SXSW in Austin, TX. The Zeus Jones/Sierra Bravo team competed against agencies from Miami, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to, “deliver a digital experience or experiences that will engage the Austin, TX community to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.”

While many of last night’s presentations focused on recycling and making your home more energy efficient, Zeus Jones’ presentation took a different approach. They focused on getting the people of Austin to make the most of what they already have. This is a simplified version of the entire concept. You should just watch Christian Erickson’s presentation:

Zeus Jones Phizzpop SXSW Finale from Zeus Jones on Vimeo.

Also, if you’re really curious you can see a demo of the mobile app he talks about at

Okay, I’m going to get a little marketing wonk on you here. What’s so great about this PhizzPop win for us, is that it so perfectly illustrates exactly what we do at the Nerdery — work with agencies to bring their brilliant, creative ideas to life. So, in case you didn’t know before now you do.

And, if you haven’t quite had your fill of hot ad agency on nerd action, make sure to check out this piece from the gang at Minnov8 featuring our own Tom O’Neill and David Annis from Zeus Jones:

Zeus Jones rocks Phizzpop (with some help from a nerd)

Remember how we were all pretty pumped about the Phizzpop Design Challenge? Well last night the event went down and rather than give you a wordy horn tooting, incessant bragging post about how we helped Zeus Jones rock the house, we thought we’d let the people do the talking.

UPDATE: Christan Erickson has posted about the event on the Zeus Jones blog and even includes slide shows of the winning presentation.

If you like, you can read the highly amusing tweets from Phizzpop.

Pretty pumped about Phizzpop

Phizzpop is a web design and development competition put on by Microsoft that travels to seven cities throughout the country pitting the best and brightest designers against each other to create some amazing websites and apps using Microsoft’s Expression Studio and Silverlight. This week Phizzpop has landed in Minnesota and the teams are already at work coming up with creative solutions to their challenge.

But that’s not what’s got us so pumped. What we’re really digging is that a couple of our nerds are helping out two of the agencies in town. Afterall, it’s kind of what we do, help out ad agencies when they need it. First, we’re teaming up with Zeus Jones, our longtime friends who we’ve worked with in the past.

Second, Microsoft asked us if we’d be willing to help out a team from Gestalt by providing them with a little programming muscle. We were, of course, more than happy to oblige. Plus, we effectively doubled our chances of being on the winning team. Go nerds!

All the teams are busy working away on their projects, and winners will be announced Thursday. If you are so inclined you can get tickets to the final event which is going to be held at Solara in Minneapolis.