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Ryan is a veteran of electronics manufacturing, custom software development, promotional marketing and is a thought leader in the customer loyalty software industry. Joining The Nerdery in 2012 as a Solutions Engineer, Ryan brings his knowledge and technical expertise to The Nerdery’s marketing department as the resident Technology Evangelist. Ryan is the host of The Nerdery’s weekly podcast, editor of the Nerdery Blog, regular speaker, and is a contributing author for and

Why most thoughts of emerging tech are wrong – a MindSurf Conference preview

bell curve with adoption gap right after the early adopters and before mass adoptionWhen most people think of emerging technology they either thinking of flashy tech demos powered by smoke-and-mirrors or a rough pre-production prototype not quite ready for primetime. But emerging technology is past the prototype stage and at the tail end of the early adopter curve. The reason why we don’t see it everywhere is because it’s sitting on the edge of what analysts call the adoption gap.

My favorite example of emerging technology is Lasik corrective eye surgery and how for many years I heard people say, “Sure, I know it’s safe – but I’ll let some other people get lasers shot into their eyes for a few more years… because, well… lasers in the eye!” Even though it had over a decade of medical research, FDA approval, and a lot of success stories, it took years before Lasik crossed the adoption gap into being a mainstream procedure.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.01.10 AMYou can catch my presentation about emerging technology at the upcoming MindSurf Conference on October 9th at the Benchmark Learning Center.

I’ve given variations of this talk a few times – my presentation about looking forward to the emerging technology of tomorrow always opens peoples’ eyes once we start talking about current-day applications. Thinking about technology that we have access to today and giving people a chance to dream about possibilities is my favorite part. We’re moving into a world driven by contextual-awareness, and new technologies at our disposal can help create new meaningful experiences.

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The ROI of Advocating for Accessibility and Quality Assurance Early and Often

A Podcast Discussion:

Bree and Adam are the keynote speakers for the 2014 QA Summit for Digital Marketing in Chicago on October 3rd.

There presentation will focus on how developing websites with the intent of making them accessible to people with disabilities is the right thing to do. But well beyond altruism, companies should understand the solid business case for accessibility.

Is there a business case for accessibility?

There are developers, designers, and quality assurance engineers who are passionate about how the Internet can help make the world a better place for everybody. But in order to make the Internet truly for everybody, web developers and app designers need to take into account the 60 million disabled users in the U.S. who cannot access many websites without issue due to visual, cognitive, or motor impairments. Websites fail to meet accessibility standards due to lack of planning, knowledge or awareness.  Read more

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Tech That Makes Social Media Less of a Guessing Game


A Podcast Discussion

How has social media tech made life easier for a Community Manager?

With the growth in social media tools, there is a proportionate amount of noise within the networks. It’s almost necessary to leverage the tools now available to filter, combine, and collate the vast amounts of communication on the social sphere. We have a fruitful discussion around communities and groups within the social sphere and how they are a direct response to the amount of seemingly random conversations happening around the clock.

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New iTunes Connect Analytics Will Revolutionize iOS App Marketing

iTunes Connect Analytics

Every marketing professional that works with iOS mobile apps will receive the gift that keeps on giving this fall – the gift of insight over their conversion funnel, granted by analytics data that you do not have access to today. Read more

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Next Generation Mobile Applications and iOS 8 Extensions

Every year Apple stands in front of an audience of devs/fans to announce how the new version of iOS will change the playing field. Sometimes it’s glitzy consumer-facing features like last years iOS 7 flat design – but every-other year Apple tends to feature developer-centric updates. Developers are specifically excited about Extensions – a new set of developer tools found in iOS 8 that eliminates many of the previous barriers that kept mobile applications from communicating with other mobile applications on a users device. Read more

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The Ten Most Notable Features of iOS 8 [Infographic]

Anticipation for Apple’s iOS 8 update launching this fall is a lot like a rocket’s launch-day – with everyone scrambling to make the necessary preparations before take-off. As we observe the progress from mission control, we’re seeing a new world of possibilities for iOS appstronauts to create new and interesting mobile experiences.

In prep for the big launch-day we’ve created this visual countdown of the 10 most notable features of iOS 8 for you to share with the appstronauts in your life.  Read more

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Learn to Prototype your Digital Ideas: Workshop, Aug. 25 in Chicago

Fred took a few moments out of planning for his upcoming workshop on Prototyping to discuss the value of visualizing digital projects before actually building them for real. But this nerdcast is also just the shape of bigger things to come; there’s so much more to be learned on August 25th at our Chicago office, co-hosted by Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Events.

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Overcoming the iPad Tax With iOS 8 and Adaptive UI

Apple has addressed the device fragmentation issue head-on in a single major release of their iOS 8 operating system. In comparison, the modern web has been iterating for nearly a decade in order to improve the user experience of people accessing the web from a wide spectrum of devices and screen sizes. Developers of native mobile applications on both Android and iOS  have dealt with these same fragmentation issues that the web has been through, as manufacturers have shifted to making phones and tablets with an ever-widening selection of screens and resolutions.  Read more

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How Swift Impacts Today’s iOS Development Projects

NerdCast-Generic-300x300A Nerdery Podcast: [Playtime 19:08]

Host: Ryan Carlson, Tech Evangelist

Guests: iOS Developers; Ben Dolmar and Jon Rexeisen

The impact of Apple’s new iOS development language on future app development and timelines.

Companies that sell, develop, manage, or own iOS apps have been left wondering about some of the developer-focused announcements at Apple’s annual developer conference. We’ve been getting inquires about whether the new Swift development language for iOS will impact projects in-flight – also including projects with an anticipated release date of within the following year.

In this podcast we have iOS Developers Jon Rexeisen and Ben Dolmar lend their expertise to demystify some of the confusion around Swift and the future of the current mature development language Objective-C. Do we have to worry about things breaking when developers start using Swift? Read more

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How Google’s I/O Announcements Will Impact Future Product Development


Google’s message is clear: Android isn’t just for phones and tablets anymore

We learned a lot about what will excite developers and product managers at our Google IO Extended event – and what it all means for your app development plans. We had a room full of developers, product managers, and user experience designers in the audience. Their collective claps, murmurs of delight, and excited chatter helped to highlight some of the most exciting announcements.

“Let’s look at all of the places we are putting the Android brand and where you can work with it… On your walk, in your work, in your car, and on your TV, or in your living room. It’s a push for Android to become the focus of what Google is talking about.” – Ben Dolmar

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