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The Sloppiest Sci-Fi Movie Science Violations Of 2012

Popular Science has a delicious list of nerdery regarding sloppy science in Sci-Fi movies. Calling out movies like “Looper,” “Skyfall,” and “The Avengers” they rank the violations from mild to maddening. It’s a fun little list they got there.

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Friday Links: The See Ya Next Year Edition

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Kansas City, We Want Your Nerds

The Kansas City Star has a report about our new(ish) Kansas City office & our drive for 100 nerds in 100 days.

When software engineer Stan Butler was being considered for a job in Kansas City, “They gave me a code challenge, a small project, to see how I’d do it,” he said. “That was a lot more value than what I said in the interview.”

Butler previously worked out of his home, writing programs for a medical software company. Working at the Nerdery, he said, provides camaraderie and easy access to “a lot of very smart people well-versed in various disciplines.”

Read more and if you know a nerd in Kansas City (or anywhere else for that matter), refer him or her right here.

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Friday Links: The Chemistry of Snowflakes

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If the World Doesn’t End Tomorrow, we have LEGO Back to the Future to look forward to

From LEGO’s CUUSOO blog.

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Not paying doesn’t necessarily make you ‘the product’

Derek Powazek pokes some holes in the old “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” adage.

“The ‘you are the product’ line is most often repeated when a company that provides a free service does something that people don’t like. See Instagram’s recent terms change or any Facebook design update. The subtext is, this company does not serve you, you don’t pay for it, so shut up already.

But that’s crazy talk.”

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A Mathematical Examination of Paper Snowflakes

Now you can create the most mathematically & scientifically accurate snowflakes ever! (Found on The Mary Sue)

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Nerd Drive to hire 100 nerds in 100 days nonprofit bonus days begin today!

Undeterred by the looming fiscal cliff, we’re marching on with our 100 Nerds in 100 Days refer-a-thon, and now we’ve added an extra-special nonprofit bonus!

Starting today, we’re going to donate $10 for every referral to one of five nonprofits dedicated to STEM education/tech-career development. “We’re taking the long view as a growing company who’ll always need nerds,” said CIO Mike Schmidt. “STEM education and professional development opportunities are keys to preparing the next generation of nerds to do what we do.”

You can read all about the nonprofit bonus in the News section. And you can refer a nerd right here.

Want to know more about the STEM Nonprofits? Read on. Nerd referers can direct their support to one of these organizations:

  • Girl Develop It: Mentorship and hands-on instruction for women who want to learn software development
  • TechREACH: Helping schools involve minority and low-income middle school students in technology
  • Girls in Tech: Engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship
  • Change the Equation: Mobilizing the business community to improve quality of pre-K–12 STEM education
  • Girls Who Code: Equipping 13-17-year-old girls with skills and resources in technology and engineering
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Friday Links: Petition to Build a Death Star

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Tragically Hip Play The Nerdery

Recently, we were the lucky winners of The Current’s morning show Coffee Break on the Road. This is where morning DJ’s Steve Seel & Jill Riley take their coffee break on the road and visit a local Twin Cities business bringing treats & coffee. Our Coffee Break was extra special because The Current brought along Canadian Rock & Rollers The Tragically Hip.

Here’s one of the songs they performed in the Nerditorium. Make sure to vist The Current’s site to see a nice slideshow of pictures from the event.

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