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Not paying doesn’t necessarily make you ‘the product’

Derek Powazek pokes some holes in the old “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” adage.

“The ‘you are the product’ line is most often repeated when a company that provides a free service does something that people don’t like. See Instagram’s recent terms change or any Facebook design update. The subtext is, this company does not serve you, you don’t pay for it, so shut up already.

But that’s crazy talk.”

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A Mathematical Examination of Paper Snowflakes

Now you can create the most mathematically & scientifically accurate snowflakes ever! (Found on The Mary Sue)

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Nerd Drive to hire 100 nerds in 100 days nonprofit bonus days begin today!

Undeterred by the looming fiscal cliff, we’re marching on with our 100 Nerds in 100 Days refer-a-thon, and now we’ve added an extra-special nonprofit bonus!

Starting today, we’re going to donate $10 for every referral to one of five nonprofits dedicated to STEM education/tech-career development. “We’re taking the long view as a growing company who’ll always need nerds,” said CIO Mike Schmidt. “STEM education and professional development opportunities are keys to preparing the next generation of nerds to do what we do.”

You can read all about the nonprofit bonus in the News section. And you can refer a nerd right here.

Want to know more about the STEM Nonprofits? Read on. Nerd referers can direct their support to one of these organizations:

  • Girl Develop It: Mentorship and hands-on instruction for women who want to learn software development
  • TechREACH: Helping schools involve minority and low-income middle school students in technology
  • Girls in Tech: Engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship
  • Change the Equation: Mobilizing the business community to improve quality of pre-K–12 STEM education
  • Girls Who Code: Equipping 13-17-year-old girls with skills and resources in technology and engineering
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Tragically Hip Play The Nerdery

Recently, we were the lucky winners of The Current’s morning show Coffee Break on the Road. This is where morning DJ’s Steve Seel & Jill Riley take their coffee break on the road and visit a local Twin Cities business bringing treats & coffee. Our Coffee Break was extra special because The Current brought along Canadian Rock & Rollers The Tragically Hip.

Here’s one of the songs they performed in the Nerditorium. Make sure to vist The Current’s site to see a nice slideshow of pictures from the event.

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Bracing for the Fiscal Cliff: The Nerdery on Nightly Business Report

Did you miss last night’s Nightly Business Report where they talked to small businesses, including The Nerdery, about the looming fiscal cliff? No worries, you can watch it right here.

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The News loves Nerds: A Round-up of recent Shout Outs

First we want to let you know that our CEO Mike Derheim is going to be on PBS’ Nightly Business Report at 5:40 p.m. tonight. This is the second time he’ll be on the show. If you watch the video below, you’ll see he was on last week too!

Second, both the StarTribune and The Minneapolis Egoist had nice things to say about our inclusion on the Hire Power list.

Finally, if you want your news non-Hire-Power-related check out Five Project Management Lessons Learned at The Overnight Website Challenge.

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Google Doodle Celebrates 1st Computer Programmer, Ada Lovelace

The Washington Post has a nice write-up about the woman behind the Doodle.

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2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update

Snagged from Daring Fireball who said “slides 9 and 22 seem apt. Slide 24 is probably the best.”

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Today we earned the Hire Power Award from Inc. Magazine, which opens its special edition as follows:

“Two years ago, Luke Bucklin, co-founder of a company called The Nerdery, sent a late-night email to his employees. He wanted to let them know how vital they were in making the business a success. He explained that although the company was growing rapidly, each individual employee could still make a big difference. Shortly after sending that message, Bucklin died in a plane crash. It’s a tragic but inspiring story. (On page 92, you can read how his message lives on.) It speaks eloquently about the relationship that exists between the best entrepreneurs and their employees. Inc.’s inaugural Hire Power Awards celebrate Bucklin and the entrepreneurs like him who are empowering their employees and rebuilding the economy while they’re at it.”

Along with adding us to their Hire Power list, Inc. also profiled CEO Mike Derheim and how everyone at The Nerdery has one job title. You can get more scoop in the News section.

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Nerds all over the News: Unique Job Perks, Making it Rain & Emerging Leaders

Forbes did a nice round up of The Unique Job Perks That Employees Love, and included us because of our Puppy Fight Club. Take a look to see what perks other companies are offering their employees.

Also, The Minneapolis Egotist, has a nice report about our Nerd Drive & includes some of footage from the local news. (pssst. . . you can refer a nerd right here).

And another thing. . . Twin Cities Business Magazine named CEO Mike Derheim an emerging leader on The Black Book 100 List. Get the full scoop in the News section

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